RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 Another COOLDDD Saturday @ the Canal

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      Only 4 players on the Pontoon today, Kermit, Dave W (Moo), Dave W (Sheep) & silly me.

      It was one of those days with a mostly light (but very lazy) wind and it made the day almost unbearably cold but I had determined to maiden my recently completed Wizzle Wozzle A Class “Kristy-Lee” this weekend so it was just rug up, grin & bear it.

      Kermit was sailing his Ragazza, Sheep, his DF65 & Moo his DF95 so plenty of targets for the A to intimidate.

      The 65 & 95 were doing what they always do and sailing well in the light & variable conditions, Kermit has a few alterations to do on his Ragazza but none the less it sailed quite well today.

      I needed to tighten the boom vang on the A to flatten out the main a bit but other than that she sailed very well on her maiden & I didn’t need to alter anything else.

      Kermit got a fair bit of video today but it wont be posted before late tomorrow as he is otherwise engaged today.

      I got well over an hour of onboard video from the A today and have edited it down to around 20 minutes.

      Also got a small amount of handicam video which is currently being edited and will be posted once complete.

      We packed up around 11:30 and headed off for a warm & welcome BBQ lunch & a hot drink.


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      Well done Pred. a grace full lady of the water. Deck came up very well. You must be very happy with the build. She sure is big compared to the others.

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        G’day Tug, yes I’m pretty happy with the way she turned out and real pleased with the way she sails.

        Just need to wait for the warmer weather & get the hull painted and she will be all done.

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      Nice job Mike.

      The Wizzle Wozzle A Class “Kristy-Lee” looks really good and sails well also.

      I like the way you carry and launch it.

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        Thanks Ron, needs a little bit of fine tuning before the next outing but overall pretty happy.

        As for carrying it, no use getting old if you don’t get cunning!

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      SORRY ABOUT THE FIRST VIDEO  wee bit of a stuff up  the sound for the camera is now in its optimum spot I recon No wind sounds

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        That’s OK, we are used to it now.


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      Very nice indeed Kermit.

      I really like the bird sitting on the sign whistling at the Wizzle Wozzle sailing past 😂

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      Good to see that you noticed that there is no wheelchairs down our end, as you can clearly see we were all standing.

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      Wasnt it nice that no one went crook at the sinker for shooting at preds boat   I guess now its just something we all accept  from him  as for No wheel chairs visible thats because the dear ol things  were still in the nursing homes the people we saw on the video were joggers…….. just not  jogging

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        Very nice Kermit, worth the wait. Definitely far better in Full HD.

        At least your shotgun mic and deadcat windsock works well.

        I have a Rode VideoMini mic (with deadcat cover) on order. Hope it works as well to get rid of the wind noise.

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      After being told I  had again produced this vide in 720 its now in  AVC/H.264

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        That looks a lot better Kermit (still too many ducks though) – maybe 4k next time?

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