RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another fine Flying/Gliding day in Paradise


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      What another great day @ the Field today.

      We had Moose, Uncle G, Andrew & yours truly so just a small group today on what turned out to be a perfect flying/gliding day. There was a slight breeze in the morning but that dropped out around midday  & then the thermals kicked in.

      Andrew & I were making the most of the thermals with the big 3 metre gliders.

      On my second flight of the day with my 3 Metre FMS MDM-1 Fox glider I only used a bit over 2 minutes of battery power for a near 25 minute flight, the rest was done riding on thermals.

      The batteries (two x 4500mAh 3S LiPo’s in series) were moved way back central to the two factory battery mounting straps today which moves the COG nearly 50mm rearward from that shown in the construction manual.  Definitely the way to go if you want good gliding performance.

      Uncle G was also getting some good gliding performance out of his Cessna look a like Ranger.

      Moose flew his TrainStar Epoch as well as his Razor & 1.6M Ranger.

      He had a couple of very minor mishaps, the first caused his Ranger to crash on take off due to no Velcro securing the battery from sliding out of the battery straps, luckily no damage was done and a successful flight was had once the battery was properly secured. He also had a rough landing with his TrainStar Epoch (cause yet to be determined) but once again no damage of any concern.

      Andrew forgot one of his transmitters (haven’t we all done that) but still had several other planes to fly so once again no problems.

      I need to do some tweaking on the iNav board in my BumbleBee, she flew beautifully in Manual & Acro mode but the Stabilised mode is way too restrictive at present even when only used for launch & landing.

      Obligatory BBQ lunch was enjoyed around midday as usual before it was back to flying

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      A little video from today,

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        WELL that was disappointing ………I enjoyed UNCLE G’s  video I must be getting senile

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        Now that was a decent video Im not a huge fan of inflight video but that one was the exception  nice real nice  possibly the GMA  if UNCLE G hasnt paid for it yet   WELL DONE MR Predator Sir

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      Thanks for the lunch

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        Thanks again Mr. Moose. Two in three days!

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      AN YOUR PROUD that you have brought another… GMA   SHAME on you and incidentally  nice effort in hiding the fur coats prangs an there were heaps of them  he should have brought you lunch….. which ever video comes up next  congratulations in buying that one two     SHAME ON YOU BOTH


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      All my videos from yesterday are now posted.

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