RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another fine Friday for flying @ the field.

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      We had 7 in attendance today for what turned out to be another fine day of flying @ the Field.

      Long Lost Kermit graced us with his presence today and flew exceptionally well to boot. In fact I think the only prang for the entire day was Hoppy parking his Eyas Eagle in the pond when he attempted a loop a bit close to the ground.

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      There were some tight thermals today that spread out once you go to 120m high so you could fly anywhere. My Eagles had an onboard camera to get its bingle. I ran out of up elevator doing low level aerobatics:



      And some brief Fox footage as only other footage from me:


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      Nice video Kermit, well done. I think your video quality has improved after washing your camera.

      P.S. The flying lessons you got of Moose certainly paid off.

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      Dear UNCLE G  in the good ol days I woulda said BITCH  but now in the more enlightened days I say  woman

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      To true Uncle G

      Great videos men looks like you had a better time than I did


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      dear UNCLE G  the rumour I have had lessons from MR MOOSE is wrong we were out in the paddock picking mushrooms  the aircraft that may have been seen was a mushroom spotting  aircraft  quite innocent

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