RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Another Fine Spring Day of flying

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      As is usual this early in spring the day started off rather cool but didn’t take too long to warm up.

      There was a slight breeze but nothing to be concerned about.

      Even though there were only 3 of us flying, today did turn out to be a comedy of errors.

      First off Kermit spun a prop off his Fox glider when trying out a 4S battery & managed to stab the Sinker with the flying prop blade. Luckily nothing that wont grow back eh Gerald.

      Then he has issues with the AP in his Wild Wing & finally he totalled his Sky Surfer. Looks like you may need a new plane next time Kermit.

      Gerald was testing his new iNav system recently installed in his Bix 3 and all was working perfectly till he landed and the Bix 3 then decided to fly off on its own, back to the work bench with that one.

      I twice lost my Wild Wing today whilst testing a used ZOHD Kopilot. Managed to easily find it both times using the RSSI signal back to the transmitter to “Fox Hunt” it.  Certainly got plenty of exercise today with all the walking though.

      At least the rebuilt “BumbleBee” flew flawlessly today. Plenty of gliding to give it a good test, even got joined in a bit of thermalling by one of our resident eagles, just not sure if I captured him on the onboard camera.

      Regardless, it was a great Tassie Spring Day to be outside, playing planes & enjoying the company of a couple of likewise mates.

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      TODAY IS A SORRY DAY  I was holding my glider to test its pulling power  when there was an almighty bang   I heard a commotion from my side  lookin around there was my best mate on his knees with a propeller blade protruding from his considerable large tum tum  with a wee touch of red dripping from the now useless propeller  blade at that moment I was flabbergasted  .SHOCKED ..where on earth will I get another foldable prop blade from ……these things just don’t grow on trees ya know Iv had that one for years an never has it given me trouble not once  I bet its gunna cost a few bob to replace ……wonder if our flying insurance will pay for a new one perhaps with a green spinner    I like green spinners ANYWAY  where was sea side mitch today  we all said  well no that’s not quite right the sinker was not sayn much  (cat got his tongue  )  he was burblin a lot but that’s sorta what he does most times …where was I  oh yea SEA SIDE .. NOT ENOUGH BROWNIE POINTS was the call  can’t think of any other reason …No brownie points No going out   an he’s such a nice fella     The gentle giant is away up north at the hospital I believe getting his fingers sorted …about time  after the operation  I might let him use the camera …might …narh I won’t   PREDATOR was the outright winner today for the coveted  walk of shame award    well done MR PREDATOR  SIR  other than that nothing of interest or remarkable events happened today  a good fun day ……………………………………………………….just sayn

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      Another top video there Kermit, (and you didn’t even have your top cameraman with you today).

      In record time as well!

      Great weather, great barbecue

      And yes Kermit, after 3 hours in ICU getting the prop blade removed from my stomach, getting the blood replaced and 76 stiches, I am feeling great now!

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      arhhhh that’s nice     Going to hospital was an overkill don’t ya think  the blade was only in 3 to 4 inches in …whatever that is in metric   to bad about the prop with the hinge part broken  ay maybe I can build up the hinge  with super glue  an try it again when next we fly ………………………………………………..just sayn

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      Just as well I didn’t get there yesterday, I might have had a propeller thrown at me as well. I had a day at the duck and will be heading north today. Hopefully getting some flying in at the Don Heads.

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        awhhh that’s nice The gentle giant has put up a nice picture for once but seriously  I put a prop blade into my best mates  bellie an You wanna go an fly around  Dons head geeeze cobber he’s a brave lad

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      I am now feeling very sad ’cause I couldn’t attend to witness the aspirational events of yesterday.

      Whether I would have been up to the cross country events is debatable, but I am really glad 😊😊😊😊 that I dodged that propeller thingy. The things some frogs will do to get a green spinner gadget 😲.

      Gerald’s Max 737 inspired effort tells me that like the big Boeing he might need a few more sensors or maybe a proper relationship with Top Gun Flight Aviation Authority.

      Mrs Bev wants you all to know that there has been no reduction in the brownie points allocation she simply required “un chauffeur le taxi” for the present purchasing expedition for two little persons in Vietnam.

      Red plane is fully operational and ready for the skies if there’s a good day before the 12th.

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      August here was a write off with lots of rain and 3 super typhoons. Now its sunny again I got my Hubsan Zino Mini SE drone out and flew around the marina. John F Kennedy’s old yacht is here and my little blue Catamaran.

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      A great video of a very calm looking bay with lots of money in the marina.

      I hope you don’t have any more super typhoons on order ’cause we’re off to Vietnam on Tuesday.

      See you all upon our return 😁


      Safe flying everyone everywhere

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