RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Another fine Thursday Fly-In

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      A 9:30 start today (well for some of us) got us in the air before the predicted early winds became too strong.

      We had Gerald, Moose, Andrew, Kermit, Scott & yours truly to play planes today.

      Overall a generally quiet day with only a couple of very minor mishaps.

      My video effort for today is a bit limited as once again I left the HandiCam at home. (Must be getting old & senile)

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      having trouble with the program

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      Hope to see more footage. We are safely in Subic Bay Philippines with my boat and I bought a Chevrolet SUV to get around. My pics go on facebook so your brother John sees them.

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      Well done Kermit, almost good enough for a GMA!

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      yes I must agree with Uncle G Almost worth a G.M.A

      Very nice planes Gerald be ok if we could buy them wont deliver to Australia

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      Nice videos…..Thank you people!

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      Well Mr president

      Great to see you back on your feet again hopefully we will see you at a next fly day

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