RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Another Fly-In @ The Field 26-05-20

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      It was a cold start to flying this morning even though we didn’t arrive at the field till 11:00 but as the day wore on the wind died out & the sun did its best to keep us warm.

      Some hot drinks & BBQ lunch were ideal to take the chill off and after our lunch break the day turned out sunny & wind free.

      7 pilots in attendance today and all had an enjoyable time.

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      Another great day at the field – almost!

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        Apart from the minor mishap at the end you have the wing flying very well now.

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          Yes Mike, it was flying really well, just have to get the bugs out of the pilot now!

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          UNCLE G top guns bestest ever student  has a fail …….so out of character I didn’t see that one happen other than the gods smacking you down it looked real good   it musta been that bloody great eagle…….  no one from top gun crashes

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          Oh dear 🤣

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      AS an ordinary pilot and NOT  a president may I say how rewarding it is to see  fellow top notch flyers having so much fun in the air  unlike our elected but non showing president who didn’t even bother to show up to bask in the glory of leadership now that he has the prize to which he eagerly  sort . A meeting to sort out the simple rules of flying safely was conducted by his over eager to please cohort MR BAD ANGEL  all present except our president  agreed to the  binding rules to which we will fly by. So simple that  the NEW president shouldn’t have any trouble understanding.   The entrance gate to the field was easy to find and enter  (perhaps the NEW leader got lost )  and we all arrived on time as requested  (unlike some one we all know ) a cold day with a even colder wind lasted quite a time MR BAD ANGEL had the thingi others over seas can see working on the internet so his fan club could comment on his exploits in the air and on the ground as uninteresting as they were  Every one today had interesting flights in quite gusty winds at times probably to strong a wind for some who constantly loose aircraft …….   to which I hope they will show there videos  so we may all once again revel in the glory of today’s play time…….. an some one who cant     THANK YOU GENTLEMEN for another great time         KERMIT LA FROG

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        Still gracious in defeat well done green thing

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      great videos men I watch as soon as they are put up then I watch again trying to find faults in the frogs flying skills or lack of.

      What has happened to our ever reliable camera man ( Ross )

      Good to see what is happening directly via live stream

      well done men

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      Uncle G’s crash happened just after Bad Angel finished off a whole large can of cold baked beans. Coincidence or not????

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        OHHH HOPPY your right  I knew it wasn’t what TOP GUNS FINEST would do He was brought down by KIWI GAS

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        Oh, and there was me, thinking it was the cows!!

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      GREAT TO HEAR MY BEST MATE MR MOOSE was watching BA’s video thingi no doubt  cringing as BA was saying naughty things about my mate over the internet to which I defended his fine name going so far as threatening to tell his good woman about his new starter on his outboard if he didn’t stop ……..THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE ABOUT

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      The last of my videos from today is up & I even remembered to add a music track just for Kermit. Gets a bit hard to remember anything after 6 or 8 or 10 beers. I think its bed time if I can make it up the stairs.

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      My stuff from today…

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      Great vids.Nice to hear some proper music Mike.Bad luck Gerald,wing was flying nice

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        all videos are in?   thank you gentlemen and bad angel  for the relive  So sad our president wasn’t there to see all this in person ay

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