RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another good low wind day

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      Well Mitch picked a superb flying day on Tuesday. It started off a bit of wind but it dropped out and no turbulence. Mitch, BA, Gerald, Scottie and myself were present. I FPV’d my Drifter and Eagles for first time in ages. Getting range issues on the Eagles with the Hawkeye Split 4k camera setup which I need to resolve. I flew the lemon colored tigermoth and Le PeTit biplanes with a keychain cam mounted upside down under top wing this time. Fortunately Movie Maker can switch the image 180 degrees around. Here is the LePetit:


      And here is the brief FPV flight with the Eagles. I need to do some work on the FPV system and adjust cam position so you cant see the yellow battery, only her sexy arm and glove!


      And here is my Drifter flown FPV with keychain cam:




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      Nice Hoppy I don’t worry to much about the tech side of things just as long as it is a decent video to watch and it was.

      I think you can get to carried away with things somtimes .

      My Motto keep it simple

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      Here you are Moose plain and simple.

      P.S. I’m in possession of a Esky Eyas hatch cover which I found in Kermit’s friendly eagle’s nest.



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        Thanks for recovering my Hatch Cover Uncle G.  That pesky pet eagle of Kermit’s will steal anything that’s not bolted down.

        The Li’l Eagle is all repaired & ready to take to the skies again after Sunday’s misadventure !!

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        Very good Uncle G though you may have left out your rather heavy landing ha ha but it’s there for the world to see, you also need to attend Top Gun Flight School with me I think for a refresher

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      My bit:


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      Gerald stall and crash is there at 6 40 into his video. Another example of flight controllers not helping as they try and do the opposite if what you need to do to recover from a stall or spin.


      It looks like BA has his mojo back with a good landing onto the runway.

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        I have to disagree Hoppy, when I realised I was in trouble I turned off the motor and just gave it up elevator. The flight controller did it’s job. You can see it almost levelled itself out. If I was a couple of meters higher it wouldn’t have hit the ground.

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          I agree  with UNCLE G  my former student did every thing right Height was the mitigating factor in this case I could go into the physics of the flight but most of you wouldn’t understand it  WELL DONE ACE   THERE WAS NO WALK OF SHAME  just another beat up by BA to get a story  SHAME SHAME

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          All down to the “TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL” lesson on stalling. Thanks Kermit.

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        Now to address a false news statement by  BA in his video stating  5 old farts THATS FIVE  attended the fly in  which is totally totally wrong  UNCLE IS BARELY OUT OF DIAPERS  an then there’s that wild kid from down the road  SCOTTIE  he for sure is still in em AN LETS NOT FORGET  OUR OWN HOPPY  WHO HAS JUST STARTED HIGH SCHOOL  so more false news  THE QUESTION NOW IS HOW RELIABLE IS THIS FILM MAKER , misinformation  tall story’s  crashes that didn’t happen   the list goes on an on ……….JUST SAYIN

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          Yes Kermit I agree with you, He even lowered himself to stealing some of my video. If you look closely at his video and mine there is the same footage, anything to get a story?

          As for my so called “crash” all it was is a bumpy landing, there was no damage to the plan or camera, not like Hoppy’s real crash landing where he bent the motor shaft and couldn’t fly that plane again. But that didn’t even get mentioned?

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      Up elevator is not stall recovery though.

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      Uncle G you are right again it was the simplest crash I have ever seen

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      ifin it was a stall alone up elevator will fix it  with thrust to regain height  if available  spin on the other hand ….

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      Geez this debate is getting to technical so I’ll stick to providing fake news stories for the greater good of mankind…. just say’n

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      Soooo pleasing that you have BA recognized the error of your ways  and now following  the rest of the  news world  to the “T ”  (old Tasmanian say’n )

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      No Greenie Tree Frog have not re-cog-o-niz’d any error of my ways at all…all fake news thank you very muchly, just say’n

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