RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Hump Day fly

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      Another pub lunch missed today so that we could go flying. BA turned up after a long absence and we also did Swamp Dawgs in the frog pond. Coincidentally to BA being there Moose lost his sausage. He also mislaid his Razor for a while but RSSI was still connected so was found by the RSSI hunter. My Orange Skipper flew nicely and my yellow tigermoth after another rebuild. But my TL2000 had its floats shear off on takeoff on the factory glue joints. A couple of minutes with hot glue and it will be ready again. Here is brief footage from it using an old #16 keychain cam:



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      It must be a day for short clips today.

      I started the day off not feeling my usual cheery self & it didn’t improve as the day wore on.
      Consequently I got very little footage “around the field” today but I’m sure Kermit will pick up the slack just this once !!.

      At least I did manage to assist in finding the Moose’s lost Razor by using the built in RSSI on the Taranis as a direction finder (harks back to the old Ham Radio Fox Hunt days)

      Due the the wind & feeling unwell I opted not to fly the 3M Fox glider that has finally been set up for FPV flight. Having not flown FPV at all for around 12 months & the fact it was rather windy I opted to leave the Fox packed in the car and wait for another day.
      Did get several flights though with the “Sky Shadow” wing and a couple with the BumbleBee glider so the day was not a total waste.

      Another nice “Kermit BBQ” was enjoyed by all @ lunchtime. Thanks Mr Frog.

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      My Little bit:

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      Good to see BA’s videos back here. As we are light on for footage and as discussed over lunch there are some early delights on BA’s utube channel:




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        You certainly were busy with that camera Mr Kermit, did you actually get any flying time in?

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          yep I had a few  no  worries even landed on the strip

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      A very nice video Mr kermit if there was an award you would have won

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      Now we know BA was a professional video maker we need a new class of award. Kermit should get the “Not the Golden Moose Award for Amateurs.” This despite the prolonged views of the Frog Pond.

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      Oh dear what have you done Hoppy

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      I have just returned from  the shack  and read the reviews and am pleased to announce  I am in contact with that famous MR Magic the master of  climax MR MOOSE on a  revised format for a AMATEURS  GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  negotiations  are proceeding nicely and in acordance with the forums guild lines of being nice correspondence relating to the award will be kept to a minium  once the technical jargon has been sorted  it will be announced to one and all   …………………………………….just say’n

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