RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another not so Perfect Mid Week Fly-In

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      The weather was perfect, not so the flying.

      For some reason it just seemed that many were having issues of one sort or another today.

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      I had no issues but also no footage. It was a good day but thermals were very tight and lots of sink. Im away Sunday for a few weeks so Moose has volunteered to be acting Meteorological Officer Of Sandford Environs.

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      I had a pretty good day and I have some footage from my on board Runcam camera from my C1 Chaser Wing and Ardupilot screen capture video.

      The short clip shows me enabling autotune and flying pitch and roll maximums for the flight controller to set up the PID’s.

      I then decended to an altitude of 6 metres and selected cruise mode which maintains the altiude while you fly around.

      Also, thank you Kermit for the plane.  This one looks interesting.

      I’m looking forward to the next fly day that I can attend.





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        Another quality production Mr Kermit however for some reason you are only publishing in 720p rather than 1080. Significantly reduces the quality of the video especially when watching on a large screen.

        Plenty of Crash & Bash action to capture this week.

        Just lucky no one did any major damage.

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      Nice video Kermit despite the many walks of shame! Thanks for the Ibis plane. My first maiden I ran out of aileron trim and the CG was aft. But after that, with a bigger battery to get weight fwd  it flew nice.

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      Great Videos men unfortunately there can only one winner and it is ?

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        Thank you Mr Moose. I am humbled.

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          AWWW isnt that nice our favourite wiz kid gets the gong  …………..now dont get offended RON  but has the fur coat requested /implied /forced / a small amount of cash for the GMA   and a take me out to lunch bribe if you havent paid then this is probably the last GMA you will see………………………..just say’n

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            Hello Kermit, I’m not offended at all. I love the banter that goes on here 🙂


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      I’m so sorry, Kermit and all….I have had a succession of eye operations that has taken up most of the last week….. I was sorry to miss the Great Week of the Maidens, but I enjoyed the videos.   Thank you for your concern, Kermit; much appreciated.      See you all soon!

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      Mike I Don’t know what s going on how can hoppy access my youtube account and publish my videos

      And my video is listed public on youtube ?

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        Your video is working OK now but not before.

        Anyone can copy the link to ANY public video on YouTube and re publish it.

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        Looking forward to seeing you with your new improved eyes 👀

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      Nice stuff men


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        Predator Sir I got watching fellas on utube talking about filming and the numbers they use  I applied a few of the suggestions   bad move ay  so now I need to get with the evil one  UNCLE G  and get the right numbers back an I will stay away from the  “experts “

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          “Evil One” ???

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            arhhhh  WELL maybe thats is a bit harsh so lets go for the mellowing one after all it seems the fur coat has given you up an I recon your mellowing  just right to come back to society  IF you can resist trying to sink our yachts on the canal  then the term sinker will dissappear as well  it just takes a wee bit of will power  ….sounds ok to you ?

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              How can I sink your yachts at the canal when you won’t turn up – SOFT!

              It’s a beautiful day for sailing?

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        ANOTHER SKY GOD  has  given his approval on our day out    now mister BAD ANGEL  its about time you come flying and produce another fine video from the stables of the bad angel studios even if its just to stop the fab two getting back in  an even RON

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      The field is now great for sea planes and swamp boats…wooo hooo

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      For the next big visit to the field floating planes will be required. There’s a large lake for all to see.

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        Won’t Hoppy be pissed, been waiting for weeks to fly float planes and the weekend the paddock finally floods is the weekend he heads off to Qld.

        Oh well, Kermit has a float plane so we may still get some water action.

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