RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Not So Quiet little Mid Week Fly-In @ the Field


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      Today @ the Field the weather was perfect, a balmy 24 degrees with just a hint of an easterly breeze.

      There were 6 eager pilots today and everyone had a fly, some had only a few but most had many.

      Ian had his Trainstar back in the air after a radio issue (bloody Spektrum DX6) kept him grounded for much of the morning. After flying well for several minuted another radio glitch saw him parked way up in the top field which necessitated Stephen driving him up to recover it.

      Gerald flew his Eyas Eagle and his big Ranger without incident, likewise Stephen with his Red Devil & his Decathlon, both flown without incident.

      Moose flew the Trainstar Epoch and apart from the ongoing issues with the underrated undercarriage bending on every landing he had some good flights.

      I had my “Slow Poke” chased by a huge flock of plovers (but luckily managed to keep out of their way. I lost one of the dummy motors on the last flight but hopefully the onboard video will show where it came off. Also had a couple of uneventful flights with the BumbleBee and attempted one flight with the AR Wing only to find out there is still a interference issue affecting flight.

      That brings us to Kermit, he was the star performer today but you will need to watch the videos to see what he was up to.

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      I wonder

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        Another near perfect days flying with an outstanding performance from that brilliant flyer AND A PERSONAL BESTEST MATE EVER I ofcouse am refering to the polished groomed super nice MR MOOSE  who showed us all his brilliance in the air and his sooo cool personality on the ground ……just a nice fella to know  Perfect flying from a perfect person …………………………just say’n

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        Not much can be said about PREDATORS video There are no words to express pefection to this standard  but they can be seen so enjoy these outstanding videos from  the best of the best a truly gifted video producer …..                                         just say’n

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      What a great day at the field, no wind, warm, good barbecue, with many good flights by most.

      A special mention must go to Kermit for providing the non-stop entertainment today.

      Here is my video from today.

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        Once again we all have to acknowledge this flyer and his expert handling of both his aircraft and the video camera to which I have never seen a better video from anyone EVER as this days effort shows UNCLE G  has supplied us with a colourful days outing with humour and just darn right perfection in capturing the right moment in time for us all to enjoy this craftsmans work Not only can this boy fly  (I personally trained this outstanding (top gun flight school ) young fella )   it was then I saw the raw talent this boy contained  it took no effort from me for him to explode into the ace of the air to which he is undoubtly the master  IM honoured that UNCLE G  has supplied us with this days happenings with his perfection from his trusty camera  ….thank you my dear dear cobber mate…….. love your work ………………………………………..                                     just say’n

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          Thank you Kermit, for the kind words and teaching me how to fly.

          It was a real pleasure spending the day with you yesterday.

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          Anyone would think that Kermit is a changed man frog, what with all these accolades he is espousing.

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          Yes it’s a worry?

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        With regard to > 20:42, I think they call them “Foo Fighters”.

        Another quality video from Toad Hall Productions, thanks Mr Kermit.

        With you spending that much time on your camera it’s a wonder you got any flying in at all, but then again with all the mishaps that befell you yesterday perhaps it was just as well your flying time was limited !!

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      This is my miserable effort from our fly day not any where near the high standard of predator or UNCLE G  but I still try one day I will get there but not today  I hope that one of them will take me under their wing  (as it were ) and help this struggling unworthy frog to produce a video  near to their world class standard                                             just say’n

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      I arrived home last night from a nice sail. Will review videos today and provide input for next GMA winner. I hope people have been flying seaplanes and swamp dawgs in the puddle.

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        Well, Kermit gave the seaplane flying his best shot & actually got airborne off the water & landed back on the water, unfortunately the flight between the two was around 10 second (last week, not this).

        As for Swamp Dawgs, Bad Angel made all sorts of promised but unfortunately never showed up.

        Still plenty of water about for this weekend.

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      Well the GMA I think has to go to Kermit for Oops moments at end and providing the flying content for the day. I thought you may have tried roasting a snag in the lipo fire…

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        Yes Hoppy, I will have to agree with your comment. If we were still awarding the GMA (which no longer exists) then this week Kermit would definitely be the winner. Most entertaining both on video & around the field.

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        Thank you my dear friend HOPPY  for your kind thoughts  but as by now you would know we no longer have that wonderful GMA for which we all strived to obtain perhaps that decision may be rescinded ……. its in the hands of the gods  ………………just say’n

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      Very entertaining viewing and well done to all the videographers.

      This will be a difficult choice for the GMA.

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      As Kermit was so helpful in showing us less experienced pilots in what NOT to do at the field.

      I thought I would cut down my video just into the interesting bits from Kermit, (but it still almost 6 minutes long?)

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      GENTLEMEN  as the new policy of no more GMA  the new age of niceness is here so I have started the movement of total respect for my old foes showing that we can all live and harmonise in our favourate sports  Gone is the aggression in with the LOVE   Gone is the back biting in with LOVE  No more  wheel chair mob  they are the modelers group of retired gentlemen mostly UNCLE G no longer the sinker but UNCLE G  the moose is no longer the fur coat but MR  moose …..SEE isnt this just peachy tickity boo  The art of saying that sucks is now…… emmm Nice  or  brilliant or GEE that was good ………………………………………….just say’n

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      Thank you for your brilliant video ” REVISED EDITION ” My dear friend UNCLE G  outstanding effort ….. all up a nice bit of editing  that was good ………………………………………………just say’n

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      Having not been able to find a replacement Dummy Motor for the Slow Poke (for the RHS that I lost when flying on Wednesday) there was nothing left to do but design & 3D print a replacement.

      Here is my slightly modified design.

      All good to go again.

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      IS THERE NOTHING THIS BOY CANT DO ………Now in the old days there would be heaps of comments …………..sad days .BUT were in love your neighbour now                                                          ..Just say’n  PS  I got into trouble with that

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        Well one thing we couldn’t do was put the smoke & fire back in your battery.

        Bit like a Genie in a bottle, once you pop the cork it’s never going back in.

        Electrical/electronic smoke is the same, once you let it out of any sort of electrical/electronic device you can never ever get it back in there again !!

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