RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Perfect Mid Week Fly-In

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      The Weather Gods were kind to us today & agreed with the flying day picked by the President IanRM.

      For the early starters it was a 10:00am start with full sun, 17 deg and virtually no wind. Unfortunately our illustrious President was one of the later arrivals, just as the wind started up.

      The resident plovers are still nesting &, whilst happy to ignore the flying wings, took great exception to the larger planes flying in “their patch”.

      Andrew’s big glider lost an elevator to them & the resultant forced landing broke the fuse nose yet again. Also, Stephen’s Sport 40 landed looking a bit worse for wear with a hole torn in one wing by the pesky pair.


      Andrew also maidened his foamboard construction but a problem with COG put a short end to the flight.

      Amongst other planes Hoppy had his little jet out for a spin


      A few videos from today

      I have removed the Kopilot from the Bix 2 (it’s a bit worse for wear anyway) & installed it in the AR Wing to see how it goes.

      Happy with how both the wings are flying, just want to get the video a bit smoother.


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      Looks  like a great day was had by all and what a nice weather day wish I could have been there but had another appointment

      Waiting for all videos to be presented before making award.

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        Nice video Kermit, may not have been liked by the Judge but I thought it was another fine production from Toad Hall Productions  that captured the essence of another perfect day in Paradise !!

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          As always predator sir  A TRUE GENTLEMAN   the fact that once again I didnt receive the GMA  is because I am a lone voice in the wilderness telling every one that this award is flawed  not only by its creator but the desire for money he craves ie money for award   this is the first time  that the award has been given out to a deserving player and not a corrupt one  makes you wonder if  the fab two have used up their used by date  poor ol UNCLE G  no longer gets recognized by the big fur coat  tossed aside like moose poo    well done on the video  firstclass

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      I added a cheap old BigAole 6G-AP flight controller to my Esky Eagles. Thats why I sat in middle of field for a while to get GPS lock there. Here is footage when in stabilize mode. Its not good flying thru trees as not precise like when flying without a stabilizer. So I crash landed though no real damage. I suspect I will be taking the flight controller off. Kermit donated all the left over proceeds to the Save the Tree Frog campaign to me to remove all Plover footage so there are no plovers in todays footage. I maybe wrong but think he is going for the GMA for today. In the meantime I just hope Moose is recovering well from the poison barbs he receives from the poisonous frog.



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        Gee Chris, that video was so smooth, just like butter. Pity about the final landing though. At least you missed the fence.

        Oh, by the way I found your missile from the Jet (well the missile nose cone).

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          yep I agree the prang was smooth …so why didnt he get his GMA   from his bestest mate

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      well its judging time

      In all honesty I thought Kermit’s video was full of absolute rubbish all he was interested in was filming people’s demise a typical frog attitude.

      Therefore I have awarded this weeks flying award to :

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      Stabbed yet again, Hoppy’s baseless accusation  of misappropriation from the SAVE THE GREEN TREE FROG  is ludicrous that fund was paid out last year in full to the fund in question The video he provided for the award today was devoid of plovers TRUE  and almost every thing else however there was a spark of his  “flash in the pan” from last weeks video and that was crashing  a high light worthy of the TGMA  which makes me wonder why as a now bosom  buddie of  the fur coat has he been forsaken and  not given the award …..  is he now out of favour to  I only ask these questions because others have spoken about this outrageous  state of affairs ie corruption…money for favours  ………………………………….just say’n

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      I totally agree with the judges decision!

      How come whenever a plane with a green tail crashes, it’s always “Ralph” the eagles fault, but when our great highly respected and skilled presidents plane is attacked by both plovers and an eagle at the same time, causing it to crash into the ground it’s Ian’s fault? Anything to make a story out of nothing.

      Please explain!


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        DEAR MR UNCLE G  unaccustomed as I am to replying to outragious  fairy tales perpetrated by the the daisy chain 3  I will respond  (one )  I did not indicate that RALPH or the plovers  were the cause of our magnificent presidents demise in fact it can be heard  in the video by the newly crowned GMA  recipient as saying it wasn’t RALPHS fault …FALSE NEWS    in order for anyone to try to destroy ones credibility  you must have facts so please the daisy chain three you must try to get it right which in my case I am never wrong  ……………so I take it that you have started again with the cash for the GMA  the fur coat will be pleased  ps I might start up a betting system on which one You or HOPPY  will get the gong next time we fly  Im going for hoppy the fur coat an hoppy are real close right now

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      From now on we all should treat kermit with the contempt he deserves

      What do all think

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  I hear

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      I guess this means  were not going out to lunch ?

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        Don’t worry Kermy, The winners of the GMA will take Moose out to lunch! (as normal)

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      OF COUSE YOU WILL  ……  just out of curiosity which one gets the gong next weeks fly ……….. Iv got 2 bob on hoppy ….sorry

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      DEAR FUR COAT  Is your request for every one to go quite on me OR just you three daisy chain mob  ……………just say’n

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      EVERY ONE 

      Why what were you thinking

      Don’t tell me you thought you had some supporters

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      arhhhh  yep ……………sorta…..maybe ……god what was I thinking

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