RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Another perfect Saturday Fly-In @ the Field

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      This is becoming a bit of a habit, picked two perfect flying days in a row.

      Today we had a balmy 23 degrees and a light breeze that was swinging from N/Westerly to Westerly, both of which are ideal launch directions.

      There was a good turn up today of 8 with Gerald, Stephen, Moose, Ron, Kermit, Scott, Andrew & myself.  It was a rare occurrence but almost everyone went home with their planes in the same condition they arrived.

      My brand new Durafly Excalibur V2 suffered a mechanical failure during flight 2 (either the ESC or the motor) but she landed OK and no damage was done. I guess it will be another warranty claim against HK. Interestingly my Durafly Slow Poke also suffered a burnt out ESC on its second flight from brand new. No problems with that one since replacing the ESC so I hope the Excalibur is the same.

      During the first flight I managed to clock 138kph, not quite the advertised 160kph (or 100mph) but then again it was only the first flight & there was all the drag from the camera on top of the fuse.

      I got almost the same speed during flight 2 (without the camera) before the power failure.

      Ron was testing the latest version of Arduflight (flying autonomously) and was suitably impressed. No doubt he will have some videos up later.

      Kermit was running a Precision Landing competition for which you had to pay an exorbitant fee to enter but I’m not real sure what you won. All looked a bit shonky to me.

      As per usual, Kermit managed to prang at least one of his planes when trying a bit hard in the competition.

      Scott had one of his IC engined planes as well as a rather large chopper.

      Everyone else just flew and enjoyed themselves.

      As per usual our kind Kermit supplied the sun shelter (grown to twice the size now) and the BBQ for lunch. Thanks Kermit my man.

      That’s all folks

      Actually I missed one !!

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      Sorry Mike, I will have to correct you, not all planes went home in the same condition as they arrived, as my video clearly shows.

      But well picked on the weather!

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        Thanks Gerald, the things you miss when flying & not videoing. Report altered appropriately.

        I was a bit disappointed on your coverage of my Excalibur V2 maiden !!, perhaps I should fly slower next time ?

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          Yes, it’s not camera friendly!

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            Yes Gerald, not too eye friendly either, it was advertised as “Very Visible” but in today’s conditions I found it easy to lose sight of it, especially at speed. The iNav RTH saved the day a couple of times.

            There may be a colour change in the pipeline.!!

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      I have removed the motor & ESC from the Excalibur V2.

      At this point in time I have no idea why the motor stopped working & then upon landing was only cogging rather than running up to speed.

      I’ll sleep on it and double check it all again in the morning before reassembly.

      Update. I have sent a warranty request to HK for a replacement ESC. It seems to be the problem, same as my Slow Poke was.

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        Dirty/loose motor connector?

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          No Gerald, all connections are clean & tight.

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      Great videos everyone. Mike, the video from the Excalibur is very stable and Gerald, I love your slow-mo during the dramatic bits.

      Here are two videos with lots of picture-in-picture so you get to see everything that’s going on.  Overall, I think the autonomous experiment did what it was meant to do.  There might be a bit of fine tuning regarding how close the aircraft needs to get to the waypoint before it triggers.  Also, I did notice that when I flew the Chaser without autopilot, it did tend to go left and they may have caused the left drift on landings along with a bit of cross wind.

      Auto take-off, three waypoints and auto landing…

      Auto take-off, grid search and auto landing…  Thanks to Mike for giving me permission to use some of his footage.



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      Another late night hanging about waiting for Kermit

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      The prestigious G.M.A award goes to




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        Mr Moose, it appears that you have set the award video to private rather than unlisted. It is NOT visible.

        All fixed now

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        Well heres the thing the video was at 98 percent then it said out of disc space then locked up every thing locked so I restarted   to free space on the hard drive I removed the video files noting I had the video on the file  but nope not the right part  so I had to do the whole video again  because MR MOOSE grizzles  so there ya go  happy now fur coat

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          Well then Mr Frog, perhaps you had better do it again to make it valid as the rest of us flew on Saturday 12th and NOT Sunday 13th !!

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        Wow! Thank you Mr Moose. I am honoured.

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      dont worry about it pred  youve got it

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      if I did set the date right  its not going to affect the result is it  mini moose em  now if your dad can only wake up so we can all see golden moose award he’s given you we can all relax especially UNCLE G  cos by the gods he was crawlin something terriable to the fur coat  yesterday …shocking shameful disgraceful  never have I seen a fella go so low ….as low as a snakes belly  all for the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  HE should get it just for that

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      Nah, I reckon it may be Ron.

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      WHAT that fly by nighter …… narh the moose wouldnt upset his young.n  for that whipper snipper

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      Wow, I stayed up until 1.30 am this morning waiting for the frog video then gave up.

      Watched it today and found out I had won the prestigious Top Gun Flight School landing competition, when do I pick up the prize Kermit?


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        I heard on the grapevine that 90% of the competition entry fee went to the “Save the Green Tree Frog (aka Kermit)”, and 10% went to cover miscellaneous expenses, doesn’t leave much in the kitty for a prize.

        Nevertheless congratulations Gerald, it’s probably all you will get.

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          DEAR WINNER  the organiser of the competition is out of the office at the moment this is an automated responce do not reply

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          Thanks Mike, that’s about what I was expecting.

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      DEAR WINNER   the organiser is out of the office at this moment

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      I have just spoken to the fur coat he has been having trouble with utube but never the less I can convey his decision for the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  IT GOES TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO      ME  OH  thank you moose    ABOUT FLAMIN TIME

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      Well I find that hard to believe, there were several shoddy editing slips and just one would rule you out of contention for the coveted GMA.

      Still reckon it’s Ron.

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      Now that hurts mini moose  are you saying MR MOOSE ‘YOUR DAD” is telling a furfie……   SHAME ONYOU

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        Well, several editing slip ups AND the wrong day/date on the title screen, you have no hope.

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      Just realised that I missed the BumbleBee video. It’s now been added to my original post.

      May just have been the winner IF I’d posted it on time.

      Ah well, always next flying day.

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      I HAVE JUST SEEN A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE  …RON ,,you know that tech whizzz kid  The fur coat gave the boy wonder the top billing the golden moose award  to this whipper snipper  MY GOD   a few tech videos an the crusty fur coat goes all weak in his hoofs….  if its tech videos then wait till I produce the  “art of wire joining ” the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD is mine…………….  GEEZE a tech kid gets it

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        I really hate to say it but I did tell you it was Ron’s this week. Perhaps next time you will believe me.

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      NOW NOW MINI MOOSE  we have to be gracious to this fly in the ointment  Sure you par gave the young fella the big one but thats because he will soon be one of us ( free agent allowed to live )… consider it a freebe that is unless MR MOOSE  is dropping you ?

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      Well done Ron, great video.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the frogs tech video’s next fly day!

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      The frogs What

      Don’t be silly uncle g

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