RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Another perfect Wednesday Fly Day

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      Like most mornings of late the day started off rather gloomy & cool but it didn’t take too long for the sun to peep out & the windless day ended up being almost perfect.

      Lots of participants today (7) and everyone flew something and usually more than once.

      I was finally maidening my 3D printed 1935 vintage Go1 Wolf glider & my Piper Cub “Pink Panther”. Both maidened perfectly but both were a bit overpowered.

      I changed the prop on the Wolf from 8×6 to 7×6 which was an improvement but she still flew on less than 50% throttle. The printed spinner is throwing the prop out of balance once you open the throttle & causing a lot of vibration so I’ll need to address that. Ended up having one 10 minute & one almost 15 minute flight so very happy.

      The Piper Cub was also a bit overpowered so before the second & third flight I reduced Max throttle endpoint to 70%, it could probably come down to 50% or else fit a smaller prop to this as well.

      In the end after doing quite a few touch’n’go’s I managed to lose part of the wing mid flight from “Pink Panther” which resulted in a bit of reprinting being needed, Will need to replace the fuse nose section & print a new wing if I decide to repair it.

      Gerald flew his 3D printed Cub & a couple of other planes, Ron flew the 3D printed Zero so it was quite a 3D printer day @ the field today.

      Scott was mainly flying his “Wots Wot” Biplane, Phil had the Freedom up and about for multiple flights.

      The others pretty much same old, same old.

      Lunchtime BBQ cooked to perfection by Kermit as usual & enjoyed by all.

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      Again, well picked on the weather today, Mike.

      Thank you, Kermit, for the barbecue.

      My video from today,

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        Yes Gerald, not too bad for the second week of winter, if this keeps up we could be flying right through till spring.

        Another fine video production from Tas RC, thanks.

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        Looks like Miss Piggy needs a bigger parachute ūüėā, she came down a lot quicker than the frog ūüźł

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          dodge dear boy¬† ¬† Miss piggy has requested me to convey to you a message¬† ¬†I quote.. watch it big fella .. Unquote¬† ¬† There was also a warning about her boy friend taking you outside an whippin your butt¬† ¬†I suggest in future no more mention about her weight ……………………..just sayn

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      1. Mike Both new printed planes look great. Gliders dont need as much pitch as dont fly fast but you keep the diameter for good climb rate. So 8 x 4 or 7 x 4 may be better.
      2. Cubs usually have 2 external wing struts which will make it look scale and strengthen the wing.
      3. I have 2 planes now in Philippines but its start of rainy season and also 3 active volcanoes that have just woken up. So no flying for a while.
      4. Is Scott our new president yet?


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        Thanks Chris, if I repair the Cub I will fit a CF spar in the wing and fit struts (similar to the Wolf glider). I know the Cub is light weight but personally I think it’s too flimsy if you start to push it a bit.

        The Wolf glider weighs in at 620gm but feels far stronger with the dual CF wing spars & struts. I think I have some 8 x 4 & 7 x 4 props so I’ll give them a try.¬† I think I’ll get rid of the 3D printed spinner (doesn’t balance well) and just print a nosecone to come up behind the prop as I did with the Bumblebee.¬† The spinner looks good but creates a lot of vibration once you power up a bit.

        Now you have planes of your own I guess we’ll start to see some new flight videos soon ?

        No new President as Ian was elected (according to him) President for Life & Beyond so we’ll just leave it that way.

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      Great videos Mike and Gerald.

      Hey Mike, I wonder if I could ge a higher quality copy of the the still you took of the Spitfire? I will insert a screen capture of the one I mean:


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        No problem, I’ll try to email it to you

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      This has been the fourth attempt to get this video up¬† so the quality may not be right up there ………………JUST SAYN

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        Another fine video production Mr Kermit, definitely worth the wait.

        Your problem with posting probably relates to the fact that the file is around 4 1/2 minutes longer than the actual video. YT doesn’t like blank video.

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          Thank you Cecil de la Mare¬† for your wisdom¬† .(sinker.)….noted ……………………just sayn¬† ¬†as Mr Predator for the video this was the fourth attempt¬† unfortunately the first start of the video wasn’t in there ie intro¬† ?¬† the last blank screen¬† was because there is a bit of film near the end¬† thus taking the video to that part¬† quite a bit¬† editing took it along there¬† didn’t notice it arhhhhhh to be as good as Cecil

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        Kermit, not bad. you did a good job of keeping up with Scotty’s Biplane.

        But I must I agree with you, it’s not your usual high standard. I did like the last 5 minutes the best – the black screen?

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          OH one last thing Cecil ………..bitch ……………..just sayn

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      Who is Cecil De La Mare ?

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        Cecil B. DeMille I think?

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      THE SINKER OR AS YOU might not know UNCLE G¬† he has started to attack our yachts in the canal with his boat called the sinker thus¬† he’s the sinker¬† ¬† ¬†WHY Cecil ?the sinker produced a video of exceptional good quality after qualifying from TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL¬† (video section )¬† the highest accolade one can be given is to be like the¬† master in the 50s¬† Cecil de la Mare¬† a brilliant film maker¬† to be in his class you have to be good¬† …..although the sinker has produced only one video in that class he has dropped off in his latest attempt but …………………………………just sayn

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        Fantastic day at the field, thanks to all for advice and assistance. Starting to get the hang of it. Bloody good fun.

        Thanks all,


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          I am experiencing some problems changing etc. My battery tester arrived in the mail yesterday, it seems when I set charger to storage it takes them to nearly zero. May need some more advice on settings.


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            Make sure that you have the right type of battery chemistry set in the charger and also the battery checker.

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            Yea, pretty sure I have those settings right

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