RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another quiet little Monday Fly-In

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      Moose, our weather guru picked another almost perfect day for a Fly In @ the field.

      There were 7 pilots flying today and apart from Moose having a minor mishap with his Razor I think everyone else went home with their planes in one piece.

      Kermit had “Fly Baby” all sorted (finally) and she flew well, Ian managed to park his Bix 3 in a tree (yet again) but the “Rescue Pole” was long enough to reach and it was recovered unscathed, apart from a depleted battery, which probably explains why it went into the tree in the first place.

      Ricky was giving “Limbo Dancer” a bit of a workout when it developed a strange noise, looks like several loose magnets in the motor

      Uncle G flew his Ranger 2000 (and it went well today) and his Razor.

      Ron C had a minor mishap with his new flying wing, (must remember to keep your head out of the way when launching eh Ron) but a bit of glue to reattach the nose will no doubt have it flying again soon.

      I gave the Pulse XT 25e a couple of flights as well as the “Li’l Eagle” biplane but mainly concentrated on a bit of gliding with the BumbleBee.


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      I didn’t have too much luck with capturing video today however, here is a bit of footage of me flying the Chaser wing up at Mathinna over Easter performing an autotune with Ardupilot.

      I’m using VSDC video editing software and still learning how to use it but I managed to insert FPV video into the HD video that was captured using a Runcam Split 3 Nano onboard camera.


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        Not too shabby at all Ron, very nice.

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        Very nice Mr Frog

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        Well done Kermit, nice work, you even got a picture of me pointing to Ian’s plane in the tree just after I landed my Ranger 2400!

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      interesting that oneĀ  i just turned towards the tree a sec after the landing the branch is still moving an yes i did get a star in the picture

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