RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 Another quiet little October Sail @ the Canal

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      Nice high tide today with far less weed than last week.

      The usual players with Pete, Dave, Kermit, Chinaman & me.

      Pete & Dave sailed DF65’s, Chinaman sailed his DF95 & I had the pretend IOM “Imposter”, this time with an A sail.

      Kermit was having receiver issues with his Ragazza so spent most of the day on the camera while the rest had a race or three before heading off for the customary lunchtime BBQ.

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      Glad you are getting sailing weather and monsoon season has ended in Philippines so nice sailing weather here every day. Here is drone footage from a couple of days ago with 6 on my boat and an extra dinghy.


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      RONS REEF  well no body wanted to play on it  an no body wanted to anchor  either side of the canal either ( god what pussies  )  so I had to make this video without anything interesting going on  so its their fault    I did in fact repair my  receiver at home as predator advised   (god he’s good )    so Rogazza  is back in service  NO SIGN OF MY BESTEST MATE  was he playing with the wheel chair mob  dunno  is he still sore about the brick in bedded in his lawn  dunno    still mates ? Predator jogging / trotting after female joggers  he said he wasnt he was just going to his car…….  the long way  yeah right Georgie wasn’t with us today….. sadly missed  an what’s with dear ol china Winning two races  good god what’s going on at puddle duck is he now the top drake ………………….. these questions need answering    just say’n

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        Sorry cobber mate pal, I wasn’t there today. Feeling unwell so I stayed home away from everyone.

        As for your video, you were right, nothing interesting, to many ducks, not enough boats, blurry picture in picture shots and soft focus.

        A five-minute video stretched out to 25 minutes??? (Fell asleep 3 times) The only good part was my Ranger 1800 flying overhead.

        As for Predators – GREAT videos, good close-ups, plenty of action shots, short and sweet, no soft focus, no ducks – If there was a GMA it would get my vote!

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      ANOTHER GREAT FEATURE VIDEO from our international  man in the Philippines nice one HOPPY

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      GEE SINKER COBBER mate I really do hope you get over your health problem ……BUT just in case   I have space for your toys all of em .just say’n   I do appreciate your candor in appraising my sailing video it helps in knowing what wankers       people like you want and can adjust to that style As for predators’ video yep always a pleasure to watch the boys got it to a fine art JUST AS YOU HAVE MY DEAREST MATE OHHH BUGGAR caps on agin   try to get well cobber but just in case ………  well, you know 🤣

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      Just saying

      only trying to help

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