RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2021 Another quiet little sail @ the Canal 24-04-2021

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      A bit chilly @ the Canal today but at least the rain held off (mostly)

      A couple of big boats with Kermit’s A Class (mainly sailed by Uncle G as Kermit played cinematographer),Bad Angel’s Hurricane & Moose’s Sydney 36. I had the DF95 as did Kermit for a short while whilst Pete, Ron B & Dave all sailed DF65’s followed by our usual BBQ lunch.

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      WELL today we had the pleasure of the head of the wheel chair mob at our platform  MR UNCLE G  whom we openly accepted with out reservations  because  although he hasn’t apologised for his wilful attack on our sail boats   we the floaters  do not hold grudges towards him . In the coarse of his visit  we extended the hand of friendship in allowing him to sail the mighty green riggo mortis one of the pride of the fleet  and almost instantly his attempt to ram a smaller 65  was noted  several boats were forced to beach themselves or be run over  before he was escorted from the platform  Is there no shame for this wheel chair leader     one of our members  was forced to leave and go home because of the intimidation so upset was he    (MR MOOSE  ) that he ran over 6 ducks  and didn’t notice  but the upside was BBQ ducks  thanks to big bad Dave for the plucking   in conclusion the floaters wish MR MOOSE all the best an get well soon

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      Pred must have been concentrating on sailing his 95 to notice all the misdemeanours attributed to Uncle G in his report. Hope the Parks and Wildlife department does not read Kermits report or you may be looking for a new venue.

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      ARHHHH TUGBOAT DEAR BOY  you would be aware that predator is just a quite nice young fella  who just does not get flusted  but I have a report or story to tell and as such I’m not scared to tell all.    Some may not believe the truth  or there abouts  but  UNCLE G did have the mighty riggo mortis (named after my wife ) under his control until he was removed  that’s a fact  sooo   there ya go  as for the ducks that poor ol MR MOOSE ran over  no problem  the council consider them as vermin the greens consider them  as friends of the canal the floaters considered them as good BBQ meat  no problem  I hope that puts to rest your doubts about our day at the canal today  Regards KERMIT LA FROG

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      Kermit I think I have a fair idea of the day. Casualties – 1 x Moose, 6 x ducks and 1 x Uncle G told to leave. Not sure Uncle G would just leave quietly.

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      MR TUGBOAT SIR  Seems were the only ones chatting  so be it  yea I think you got the idea about our day  but rest assured we never asked UNCLE G to leave  ohhh no  he just left  we gave him his white cane  an he tappted his way down the path   tap tap tap sorry   tap  tap  just to clarify the story  if you were in any way in doubt  by now most if not all would have seen the videos and story  so wheres the  rebut   so my story is true   …just sayin

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      Kermit, I have no doubt about your story telling.

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      THANK YOU cobber  for a main lander your all right

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      This is what really happened.

      I called into the “BLOATER’s” just to say hello, and as soon as I got there it was obvious that Kermit was struggling with his old “A” Class yacht, after sailing 65’s the size and weight of the “A” was to much for him. In a panic he threw his transmitter at me and yelled out HELP!

      So being the nice person I am, I took control of the “A” while he ran off into the bushes? After a while he returned and I gave him some expert tips on how the yacht should be set-up. I also found that the transmitter had flat batteries in it. (This could be why he is always running into others). So after my good deed, I said farewell to everyone and left.




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      UNCLE G.. uncle g   Dear me  what a load of trollop  my god in my worst day I could have thought  of some thing better than that  Two truths were in that concockshuns of bullerdash  One …the battery’s were low  Two… your  wisdom with boat sails is legendary   (with the white cane mob and Chinese people ) but to be fair an that’s what I am ….a tad of info was gathered on the sails and I implemented them  only to undo it as it was a total waste of time   (should have listened to that Chinese child )  IF tugboat your reading this  you would have noticed nothing in my report on our sailing is disputed by UNCLE G  so who do you believe now emmmmm   trust the frog for factual honest story’s ……just sayin

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      That’s all right my little green amphibian mate, the whole world knows by now that “Frogs” never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, just the way it should be.

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      Well said Predator.

      I personally would have said something a little different .  Just trying to keep the peace between the waring parties

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      Dont worry Kermit I am reading each post, only problem is I fall off my chair while doing so. After being chastised for being too much of a stirrer I have been in read mode only but could not help a comment or two on this one.

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        Always good to hear from you Tugboat

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      ARHHH HA  MR MOOSE has joined the chorus  lets just hope that Wednesday is a fly day  as predicted by the weather fur coat  for if it isnt  then a BBQ at TOAD HALL will be in order  What will we cook ……no brainer there ….MOOSE BURGERS   ( might be a weee bit on the lean side  an tough  )  just noticed UNCLE G is doing a fast crawl  to my best mate TUG BOAT ……..   HE’S still in there plugin away

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      Thanks Uncle G, good to see Moose has recovered after the torment of the canal?????

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      Well done Tugboat

      The Moose would look great sitting up front

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