RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Another quiet Sunday Fly

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      It was another perfect flying day today @ the Field. 24 degrees & virtually no wind till the sea breeze presented itself after lunch.

      We had six in attendance today, Moose, Ian, Gerald, Ron, Kermit & Mike and apart from Ian, who was still having a few radio issues with his TrainStar, all had multiple flights with multiple aircraft.

      We did have an interesting radio interference issue today, Ian’s Spektrum DX6 was for some reason playing up with both Moose’s & my Taranis radios. Ian turned on just as Moose launched his Razor causing it to crash on takeoff & I lost complete control of the Bix 2 Sport at the same time. As soon as Ian turned off I got full control back & Moose’s Razor flew perfectly.

      Other than that it was an uneventful day enjoyed by all.

      That’s All Folks

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      Nice video Mike.  It looks really authentic.

      As promised for Mr Moose, here is the link to the Spitfire page and the link to the build video:


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      Thanks a lot Ron It will no doubt keep me occupied for some time to come

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        I’ll print you out some full size plans Mr Moose.

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      Thanks Ron

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      Nice videos Mike

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        It might be all you get if Kermit is heading back to his shack!

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      Hi Ron

      Got onto some carbon paper I am about to order it so if you want some I will have plenty in about 2 weeks

      What size motor and folding prop are you using

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      EXCELLENT VIDEOS PRED I WAS MOVING AS THE plane was turning such was the realism  I will head down to the shack tomorrow  to do the platforn as suggested

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      After very careful  consideration and looking at to much sky and listening to idle chatter

      The G.M.A goes to

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        YEA  I KNEW WHO WAS GUNNA GET THE golden moose award  when you get a involuntary movement  through a video you know its a winner congrats pred …………………  ya buggar  ……………oh MR MOOSE  loved the new film clip

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        Thank You for your kind consideration Mr Moose.

        Makes the effort all worthwhile.

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      I am glad a good time was had. I was going to come for a quick squirt with you but my wife became a ‘casual contact’ through her work at a big hotel here and it wasnt until 2pm Sunday that she was able to get a negative RAT so I stayed away from you all out of caution.  But I was then able to go to the cricket at 2:30 !


      My advice is stay away from any big hotels and their gyms as they have guests with covid but dont tell staff which rooms or guests to stay away from and dont have their own RATs to give out to staff. Basically there seems attempts to hush things up, as profit is their driver and <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>not</span> the health and wellbeing of staff or customers. So you still have to go to a choke point like the police academy and queue up and get a test.


      Anyway as of yesterday arvo my wife and I are OK so Im ready for the next fly. She wont be returning to work, its not worth the risk despite being tripple vaxxed.


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