RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Another STOL plane

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      Just couldn’t help myself.

      It was either get a new Excalibur V2 (which still are NOT back in stock) or a Draco, and this one came up at an offer far too good to refuse. Postage cost was a bit over the top but luckily the seller came to the party with an even better price to compensate.

      Hopefully she should be here next week sometime.


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      That’s a nice looking plane Mike.

      I can’t wait to see it 🙂👍

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      The Draco turned up this morning so 6 days from Melbourne, delivered Door to Door wasn’t too bad.

      The box looked a bit worse for wear on one edge but with all the padding the seller had placed inside, the plane was undamaged.

      It went back together very easily & after spending most of the afternoon programming the Jumper T16 to talk to the $195.00 Spektrum (AR637TA) receiver fitted to it all now seems to be working.

      I have full 6 channel functionality on the lights, the motor reversing works fine & I can even display the telemetry from the smart receiver so a good days work.

      The Safe Select function is working but at present wont switch back to AS3X mode so I will need to look at that tomorrow.

      I’ll also need to make an adaptor to connect the IC5 battery connector on the Smart ESC to an XT60 to suit my batteries. Luckily I can use the 2 x 3S 4700mAh batteries from the Fox glider connected in series to meet the 6S needs of the Draco. Oh, and like the 3M Fox glider I will need to remove the Draco’s wings to get it in the car (bummer)

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      Wednesday looking OK at this stage for a test flight?

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      The Draco is ready to fly.

      Battery adaptor made & tested, COG tested with batteries installed, Prop balanced, fitted & tested.

      Switching from Safe Select back to AS3X is also now working correctly.

      Just need a decent day to fly.


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      Sunday or Monday looking good for now!

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