RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Sunday Fly-In on a beautiful Spring day

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      After a couple of days of wind, rain, hail & snow down to 100 metres  it was a bit of a gamble that today would be OK for a fly. The forecast was for early winds abating around midday, no rain and around 15c.

      We opted for a late 11:00am start to fit in with the weather but there was no need. It was a tee shirt day with Full Sun & no wind virtually all day.

      We started with only 6 players but Kermit (who had opted to go sailing instead) could not stay away & made it in time for the BBQ lunch around 12:30.

      After feeding it was back to more flying (and a couple of minor mishaps) before we packed it in around 2:30.

      I flew the AR Wing which has now been fitted with a ZOHD Kopilot for video stability & RTH & also tested the BumbleBee after her extensive repairs.

      Ron had his newly built Foamboard Spitfire for testing & it flew well, Andrew also had his Foamboard creation for further testing but unfortunately that one didn’t go so well.

      Ian was flying his mini quad till a broken prop put an end to that.

      Dave was back in the air with his repaired Razor & Moose, after last weeks mishap, was keeping well clear as he is still sporting a bruise on his leg the size of a cricket ball, from one of Dave’s off target landings.

      Andrew played gliders today with NO interference from the resident nesting plovers.

      Hoppy had trouble getting one of his EDF jets to work, but his new one flew fine as did the Eyas Eagle.

      Several more videos to follow but not till tomorrow.

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      I thought we were going to have a VTOL day so brought along my XK X450 Aviator. Here is footage with onboard #32 camera:



      And my Eyas Eagles had the Flight Controller removed and its much better at going round trees again:



      Cloud AX footage from one of its 2 flights:




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        Another quality production from Toad Hall, well done Kermit & well deserving of the Golden Moose award so rightly bestowed upon you.

        It’s amazing how much good video you can capture when not flying, and the best of all, no repairs to do when you get home.

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      Wow, what a great mixed content video Kermy.

      But it’s a shame you girls didn’t sail on the Saturday, much better conditions. you wouldn’t have to use so much footage of the storm water drains or ducks.

      Good to hear my name mentioned (in a good way). You must have missed me and the camera boat?

      I liked the artic camouflage scheme on Ron’s new plane! Also loved seeing the special effects on the flying video again (soft focus).

      Even though you won’t win the prestigious GMA you get my vote!


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        Thank you Uncle G.

        Sunday was going to be my painting day as I completed the Spitfire Saturday evening but couldn’t resist taking it out for it’s first fly Sunday.

        If it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have needed to paint it! ūüôā

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      I have turned over a new leaf and forgiven all those that have sinned against me

      This weeks award goes to:  I would like to renew my respect for this person

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      Congratulations Kermit on the Moose award. Very good compilation of video indeed ūüôā

      For anyone interested, here are some links to to the Spitfire review and build video including plans.
      I found that using carbon paper to trace the plans onto the foamboard worked well and you can then reuse the plans when you need to rebuild ūüôā

      Spitfire review (watch for the footage of someone loosing their motor pod because they didn’t secure it properly with the bbq skewers!)

      Build videw with link to plans


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      I have just looked at our forum page and much to my dismay the fur coat the THE¬† graft corruption god of all time has given me…. ME¬† the GMA¬† I want it known to all an sundry that I have not given the fur coat the hoofless one a cent¬† ¬†unlike¬† ¬†(the fab two )¬† I am still against “cash for award¬† ”¬† in stating this I do accept that the damage caused last week to the mighty mooses’¬† leg¬† may have influenced his decision¬† ie¬† ¬†( medication )¬† today…… so like in a previous incident¬† I expect the GMA¬† to be taken away once again¬† as the meds wear off¬† ¬† ¬†but while the meds are still working¬† MR MOOSE …. I ACCEPT YOUR APPOLOGY and trust you have seen the light and are no longer in the money hunger game and things will improve¬† health wise and spiritually …………..¬† bless you my moose

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        Congratulations Kermy!

        Don’t forget that the winner has to take the judge out to lunch!

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          I THANK THE honerable uncle g¬† ¬† for the heads up for lunch with the moose¬† but I consider that an arrangement¬† he had with the fab 2¬† and part of the bribes for award scandel ….I cant and wont be involved in that activity our president would not be pleased ……………………..JUST SAY’N

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            If you are to tight to take him out to lunch, then you will have to do what Hoppy said!

            “kissing the less than golden hoofs”

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              DEAR UNCLE G¬† its not being tight with money¬† I would gladly take the mud encrusted smelly fur coat out for lunch but the grass is too long down this way an his decayed black hole’d teeth would never let him eat his fill¬† AS I SAID BEFORE¬† ¬†I am not into kissing hoofs unlike you two¬† ¬†(fab 2 )

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      Taking him out for lunch is easy, its kissing the less than golden hoofs that is needed! I just put in Wednesday as a fly day in cal.

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        THANK YOU HOPPY for the insight into the requirements that go with corruption¬† I take it that you did not enjoy the experience of kissing the MR MOOSES¬† hoofs¬† ¬† (it couda been worse ) ever thought that because you didnt enjoy the experience¬† thats why you havent won again ?…………………………………just say’n

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      just cleared my mind WHAT HAVE I DONE ????

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        ARHHH MEDS easing off ay¬† ¬† ……. you have made the first step back into the real world MR MOOSE¬† dont stop now¬† ¬†the draw backs will be no more kissing hoofs¬† no more free lunches¬† an no more of what ever the fab two were doing for you¬† it all stops with your last tablets…………… I hope the vet didnt charge to much for your tabs seeing that your an elderly wobbley knee’d knotted fur coat and¬† I hope your damaged hoof is getting better …….have the fab two been around to take you walkies ?

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      I got some whale footage from my phone and drone today. David the farmer who owns most of Droughty point let me drive to where he is building his new house on the point. But for some reason he wont let us fly RC planes and gliders on his land.



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      WELL THAT WAS INTERESTING  thanks hoppy

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      A bit more RunCam2 footage from the AR Wing last Sunday

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      veryyyyyyyyyyy interesting

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