RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Sunday Fly-In on a winters day

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      We had a big turn up today @ flying with at least 11 pilots taking to the airwaves on what was a tad chilly but dry & almost wind free day & the Field. It was still a bit wet under foot from the past couple of weeks rain but no flooding evident in the field yet.

      Dave maidened his Razor today, we still had the Buddy Box connected but didn’t need it as he handled the takeoff, flight & landing with the ease of a professional. Not too shabby for an elderly gentleman (like most of us) who has only been flying for 3 days.

      Neil, another newbie to flying with this really only his second season, also was flying well & completely unaided today, a graduate of Ron’s Flight School.

      Uncle G got his Trainstar caught in a crosswind on landing & stuffed a servo but nothing major.

      Kermit behaved himself today (from what I saw anyway) and spent most of his time actually flying rather than pranging.

      As usual Kamp Kermit was open & another fine lunchtime BBQ snack was enjoyed by all.

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      A good weather day and whoever chose it should receive the highest praise! 3 videos from me. Firstly my Eyas with new mini mobius v2 camera. A bit of chasing and going round trees:



      Then the Drifter with same new cam. Some more chasing in this one:



      And finally Lepetit this time with #32 keychain cam.



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        Another quality video from Toad Hall Productions.

        Sure was a busy day in the air above the Field today.

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      Great videos as usual

      Yes Mike it was a bit on the busy side at times

      But I think a great day was had by all

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      Very busy, so much so that Ralph and Ralph didn’t hang around for long.

      Excellent videos as per usual.

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      I’ve just re-edited my 2 videos & added some extra footage “borrowed” from Toad Hall Productions, thanks Kermit.

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      Great picture in picture Mike and excellent syncing. You’ll have to let me in on your secret 🙂

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