RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Another Sunday Fly-In on a beautiful winters day

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      Even without our weather god Mr Moose esq. giving his blessing to our selection of a flying day it was none the less almost perfect.

      It was a chilly start to the morning with a temp of only 1 deg overnight but by the time we arrived at the field at 11:00 the day was starting to thaw out.

      Full Sun, very little cloud & no wind made for perfect flying weather for the eight or so that arrived. By the time we stopped for our customary BBQ lunch it was teeshirt weather again (bring on summer).

      Kermit had some new toys, so did Hoppy & I had the Sky Shadow S800 flying wing to try out. Also had the Grand Tundra but it never made it into the air due to a loose battery tray. As the batteries are quite heavy I opted NOT to fly with them floating around inside the fuselage.

      Chris had a monstrous Biplane he had built with a couple of spare HK wings he had acquired.

      Ron had an interesting Spitfire (built out of cardboard) that once he got the balance right, flew great.

      Dave was also having a great time throwing his Razor around the field, sometimes a bit close for comfort though.

      There were a couple of slightly rough landings throughout the day but no prangs or damage to speak of.


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      there is no doubt Kermit has taken notice of previous comments he has reduced the amount of sky in his video.

      It gives me no pleasure  in declaring our winner this week is ?????????

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      I WON  I WON  YEAAAAAA  NOT A PENNY  WENT TO THE THE OLD GROUCH  ONE HAS TO ASK what’s wrong with the Mr moose   his bank balance by now must nearly be empty  yet he does this  ofcourse if his bestest  mate UNCLE G  had an entry things would be different but then we all would know that once again the fur coat has had his fur  greased  …..Again I would like to thank miss piggy for her support over this past year and my tadpole mates and biggis di..us for his advice in video making  …to the other contestants who tried to win this award  I say enrol in TOP GUN VIDEO MAKING CLASS  an you can be as good as me ……..maybe …….narh

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        AS BAD ANGELS VIDEO WAS LATE IN    I AM PREPARED TO WITHDRAW MY ACCEPTANCE  of the converted  GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD for a new valuation of the videos  as BAD ANGEL’ s  video has merit  unlike the paid type    KERMIT LA FROG

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      I HAVE PLAYED THE AWARD VIDEO SO MANY TIMES NOW   it musta hurt the fur coat big time  to award the  golden moose award  TO SOME ONE WITH TALENT 

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      My Stuff…

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      What magnificent videos! 🙂

      Thanks to all the videoographers. You have all done a terrific job.

      After being inspired by the cardboard Spitfire, I checked out the Flite Test site to see what plans etc are available.

      Here is a starting page for different model planes where you can find free download plans for some of them:

      Another thing that is worth considering.  Flite Test sell laser pre-cut kits at a very cheap price which takes a lot of the hard work out of building these things. Here is a link to their store. It’s worth having a look. I have targeted a couple that I would like to try 🙂


      One last link for recycling your old cardboard pizza box:


      Have fun everyone.


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      What great info you have provided can see myself with another winter project

      Great stuff Ron

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      As owner of the Golden Moose award I must issue a word of warning

      I find it very offensive your remarks about the (Fur Coat) Should the continue I would find it very difficult to make a similar award to the Frog

      I may or may not accept an opology

      By the way I will discuss this with my best Mate UNCLE G

      Cheers for now

      MR Moose

      PS I am considering revoking your award

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      WELL FUR COAT…….. MAKE MY DAY  I cannot be intimidated  by a bit of fur  ….although I have to exclude the dragon on that one SO CONFIDE IN YOUR PAL  see if i care

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      Mr. Moose,

      You are welcome down home anytime for a cuppa and discussion about revoking awards.

      Uncle G

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        yes an pay the FUR COAT  for next weeks video

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      It was a record day for maidens. I had 2, ron at least 1, mike 1. Anyone else?

      Videos were top quality especially the aliens or are they zombies that were also there. No videos from me as I was too busy with my maidens.

      Unfortunately the weather looks a bit ordinary for a while so plenty of time for building more planes for more maidens.

      Finally I would like to thank the weather gods for helping me choose another cracker day.

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