RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Forcett Lakes Sailing @ Forcett Lakes 2021 Another Sunday relaxing mid-winter sail at the fabulous Forcett Lakes.

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      Not a Tadpole or Golf Ball in sight!



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      Very relaxing

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      WELL THAT WAS ONE OUT OF THE BOX  MAGNIFICENT.. SUPERB.. BRILLANT..  when one is under pressure to pick up your game  YOU  UNCLE G  did just that today  with this outstanding effort  brave boys bring great joy to those that couldn’t be there  forget my offer to apply to TOP GUN VIDEO COARSE   for today you did well so well in fact I would support an offer to give you the  GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  ……….god I hate myself   

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        Kermit, What do you want?

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          Unlike some I could name  I respect good work and as such I acknowledge it  without  hesitation and without a bribe …JUST SAY’N

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      You blokes did a good job controlling them in that wind well done

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        Thanks Justin, the waves weren’t to short and they tacked quite easily.

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      Uncle G next time we see each other I will give you my bank account so you can make direct deposits


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        I expected more from our pious fur coat  but no………….IS it time fellow flyers that we disregard his shameful  open request for bribes for the prestigious golden fur coat  award  and develope our own  award    with a person with impeccable  credentials    perhaps a leader with a view to raise the level of flying videos to a new level with out corruption  some one who likes green maybe ? have your say  fill free to express your anger at corruption  ………………………….just say’n

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      What about the save the green tree frog campaign as far as bribery goes.Just saying

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      Wicky Wicky  havent you got your copy of the pamphlet  “saved  ” the green tree frog ”   I must post it out to you AND YES THEY WERE SAVED  by the fund   How bribery is  put into this context I fail to see   YOUR NOT BEING INFLUENCED BY THE FUR COAT ARE YOU …………………..JUST SAY’N

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      Just about a day for D rigs by the look of it. !!

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