RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Another Windy Friday

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      It was a quite balmy 22 degrees today but boy was it windy.  There were only four of us today Gerald, Kermit, Andrew & yours truly but the wind didn’t stop any of us from flying.

      In fact I was so busy flying I almost neglected to get any video today, from the ground or in the air.

      When I did finally remember to fit a camera for some airborne stuff the footage from the Pulse XT25e was very shaky & then the camera stopped recording on the Excalibur V2 just as I launched.

      Hopefully Gerald & Kermit got some decent coverage.

      Anyway, here is all I managed today

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      Great video Kermit, Especially liked the night flying near the end?


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        My complements to the other two videographers for their efforts………..  but there can only be one ………..ME  ME ME 

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      My video from today,

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        Thanks Gerald, another fine production.

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        Another quality production Mr Kermit.

        I think you should be in line for the Peoples Choice award this week for that mammoth effort.

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      Very windy indeed gentlemen.

      Some very brave flying and magnificent touch and goes.



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      thanks ROBO RON YES I DID INDEED MAKE SOME MAGNIFICENT TOUCH AN GOES  the others tried but still a long way to go yet

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        Yes Kermit, you did make some “Magnificent” touch & go’s. how many times did you glue the nose back on?

        P.S. I miss the night flying on the new video.

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          Perhaps in Kermit’s case we should rename them “Touch & Crunch”

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          OHHHH GOD LOOK  THE KNIFES ARE OUT  extreme conditions require  extreme landings we at TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL train for these conditions that is why my landings were appropriate for the conditions   PERFECT text book landings     ……..others drool  I show how its done   CLASSES  are still availiable at TGFS discounts for seniors

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        i bet you got a bang in the revised version UNCLE G

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          Not really, After watching the first video I knew when it was coming.

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