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      What a day wild winds rain cold rough water sums up todays sailing at the sunny end on the pontoon …..yes we knew it was going to be a rough day but when you have members that just dont care about frivolous things like weather then its all go for true sailors  although the wheel chair mob weren’t  at the other end we could understand why for only the devout would be on the water in these monstrous  conditions thats what seperates real men from that other mob  no video today as the rain and wind made it impossible

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      Dave made the correct call.

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        Yep  but he still turned up to play

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      If it’s not on video, it didn’t happen!

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      So my widdle sinker mate you wouldn’t be calling big bad Dave an me a  fibber would you after all cameras have been left behind by you in the past an we all beleave you

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