RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 ATTENTION ; THE SINKER IS CROOK

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      SAD news the sinker has been crook for a week   the dragon has offered a container of soup an I offered to transport it by drone an drop it to him land it to him but as yet no reply  I’m going to a funeral Thursday I will see if I can get a quote from them in advance for a possible customer  ……………….just say’n

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      Get well soon Uncle G, best wishes from the ‘duckers.

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      Kermit, thank you and your dragon, I just found the soup!

      Your aim is getting better, it just missed hitting the roof this time.

      I’m sure I will recover a lot faster now.


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      Chicken soup is so last millennium. Here in Asia we swear by Frog soup. Here is a typical recipe:  https://www.seriouseats.com/the-nasty-bits-frog-soup-1


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      HOPPY …YOU BARST..D  FOR some reason I started to read that sadistic callous hideous story  I just got to a few lines  but could go now further   SO SAD  Now its not only the French I dislike but also NOW your mob  god god man have you no shame  COME HOME  before you start eating dogs ……  geese Fella   I’m gunna ask the administrator to remove the story  before to many members see it an obviously complain…………………   how far can a drone fly     just say’n

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