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      Not a write up as such but instead a quick mention of just how enjoyable it was to be back sailing with the Merry Men of Puddleduck Pond once more today.
      We stayed in the legal zone with ten skippers all social distancing and having a ball. It was intended to be a non-race day but it didn’t take long for that to be chucked out the window.

      The winds started very light and had built into a lovely Northerly breeze by mornings’ end.
      With our Gerald pressing the buttons it was once more 60 seconds to a handicap start and go go go. Plenty of good natured ribbing and lots of laughs made this reset to our sailing season a happy and successful one.

      Thanks to Gerald, Ricky, Graham, Phil, Justin, Pete, Kermit, Geoff, Mike for joining me and making it such a nice day out.
      Next week it was decided to go with 95’s and alternate from that point on between 65’s and 95’s as usual.


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      great to be back

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      Very enjoyable day at the Duck. Thanks to Col and the gang for a great day. Many thanks to Mike for the camera work.

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