YOUTUBE VIDEOS Battery Mod for FlySky i6

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      Interesting video but personally I think you are better off with 4 x AA LSD NiMh rechargeable batteries that will give good runtime and don’t require any mods to the radio at all and you can still replace the NiMh with 4 x standard AA batteries if you inadvertently get caught with a flat battery when sailing.

      Experience has shown that decent NiMh AA cells will significantly outlast LiFe batteries when looked at whole of life use.

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      Horses for courses I guess. I’m getting long life from the 700mA Zippy LiFe rechargeables. Use only one battery type for 2 x boats and 2 x Tx’s, Min weight for DF’s, safest battery on the market, cheaper than most and only one charger using one setting for everything.

      Pretty happy all round. Might be a different story if I had power boats and /or aircraft where more juice or longer discharge times were required.

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