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      Another birthday ticked off a few weeks ago, which is a good thing. Used the money I got from my family to put towards a new purchase. I used the runcam2 using the app and it worked. Not really the best camera to use for this. I can now use it by pressing the buttons on camera. Why it would not work before I have no idea but I guess operator error, more than once would be a safe bet.

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      WELL TUGBOAT That went well the camera was just chuggin along nicely

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      Hi Tugboat

      What a great looking train.

      Not into trains but I really appreciate this one.

      I might have to take up marbles to compete with all these great toys

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      Very nice!

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      Nice looking engine you have got yourself there Tug. Nice little plaything for when the weather turns cold & wet again.

      Now that you have your RunCam 2 finally unboxed & working you can strap it on to the train & give us a drivers eye view of your layout (or is that still in the planning stages like my Digital Slot car layout that I started acquiring bits for many many years ago & its all still in boxes)

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      IV got some marbles Mr moose  you can have them

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      Thanks for your comments. I had my eye on this loco for some time and as the hobby store had sent me a voucher at the beginning of the year for being a good customer, the advertised price discounted a bit and my birthday funds and reduce my bank balance it was too easy to push the buy button. I am very happy with it.

      While the Runcam2 worked OK it is not really setup for closeup work and was not designed as such. The first video I did was slightly out of focus as the camera was too close so I had to re shoot. It now appears to be working OK. As I said previously more than likely me as the problem, probably one of the days I had the shakes and what feels like a single press can be multiples.

      Pred, unfortunately there is no layout to speak of at the present time, thats why the video is shot on the kitchen table, wanted to get a video out to all those who made a donation towards it. In its present form all the bench work is done, one track around and the start of the freight yards. All covered in a ton of rubbish (wifes interpretation) mine all good stuff. Will get to it one day. The buy finger has not been very active of recent times so at least the depth is not increasing. I have had about 5 layouts so far starting when I was about 6. 2 of those were at my parents, the last evicted the family car from the garage, my dad gave up and built a carport. In my house I had one in the bedroom, Kids came along and the only thing I could afford was a small tin garden shed, most of the cost was for a concrete slab  to fix it on. About 15 years ago my wife decided that the outside patio was too RUSTIC so we got a new bigger metal one which meant my tin shed had to go. We had a carport under the main roof so after negotiation we built a double carport out the front and I was allowed to enclose the original carport. Its a great area and a lot of planning went into how to incorporate a layout shelf as well as incorporating a work bench under it to cater for other hobbies. As previously said has a bit of track work but thats it so far. Once RC world started have done very little else apart from coming across rolling stock thats was just too tempting and the buy button got pressed. So there have been lots of starts but never a completion. But a model railway never reaches completion as there is always something to add/modify. Hopefully there will be more progression on this one. It will definitely be the last start.

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