RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Bixler Sport II – rebuild

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      The poor old Bix 2 – V2 “Predator” that I recently purchased copped a bit of damage from the strong wind gusts @ flying last Saturday.

      After being cartwheeled across the roadway into an adjoining paddock (it was parked at the time – not flying) the Bix ended up with a missing wing tip & a broken tail as well as a lot of damage to the factory supplied stickers.

      After a repair & clean-up including removing ALL of the original stickers it is finally looking airworthy again.

      The underside features day-glow orange & black stripes to make it a bit easier to see at height.

      The topside I have left predominantly white with a matt black nose (to stop reflected light playing up with the FPV camera) and custom black lettering rebranding it from Bixler 2 to Bixler Sport II. Lettering is as close as I could get to the original Bixler labelling (just because)

      The Sport II is now very quick with the upgraded motor, ESC & prop and even though wheel-less it will take off from the ground & climb full vertical effortlessly. I have been running a 7 x 5 – 2 blade standard Bixler prop but this time will try a 7 x 4 – 3 blade as the 3 blades are better balanced for FPV flight. I have in the past used a 6 x 5 – 3 blade and it went well but was rather noisy.

      I have also refitted the FPV canopy with 600mw TX & Mobius camera so that I can test out the new Little Pilot VR goggles next time we fly even if it is too windy for the Prowler to fly.

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      Nice job Mike. It looks very professional.

      Look forward to seeing it in the sky again.

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      great job Mike how did it preform with the 3 blade  prop

      If nothing else I like the look of the 3 blades was going to fit one to the tundra but don’t know what size to get.

      Going to be cold on Sat don’t know if I will make to sailing

      will have to leave it till later to make a final decision


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        The jury is still out on the larger 7 x 4 – 3 blade prop but at least it’s a lot quieter than the 6 x 5 – 3 blade one.

        Unfortunately I pranged it on the second test flight after removing the FPV gear.

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      Mike, was this the one that had the bingle yesterday? Any crash video or pics? Hope its an easy repair. You can use nearly boiling water to expand the foam to its original shape. Plenty of youtubes on how to do it.

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      Yes Chris it was, unfortunately.

      No crash video as I had just removed the FPV platform to test the performance of the larger 3 blade prop. Obviously too much performance for me to handle!!

      Operator error – what else can I say, it was just one of those days.

      Looking a bit worse for wear at the moment.

      Just about to start repairs, shouldn’t take too long. I’ve fixed worse, at least this is mostly a clean break.

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      After a long & eventful life the mighty Bixler 2 Sport has had yet another makeover.

      With all the other planes in my menagerie the poor old Bix 2 has not been getting much airtime of late.

      We have a couple of our yachty friends looking to dabble into flying so thought that the Bix may just as well get pressed back into service as the club, oops – group trainer, afterall most of the current flyers at the field learnt to fly on her & the buddy box originally.

      I have removed the FY-41AP Lite autopilot/stabiliser as, these days given that she is not flying FPV,  its a bit of an overkill. Installed a new ZOHD Kopilot and RadioMaster Rx with flight battery monitoring so that has stabiliser, return to home & Flight battery voltage all covered without the need for any FPV.

      The new setup is way lighter so Ill need to check the COG and give her a bit of fine tuning and then she should be good to start her new (old) role.

      Set the Taranis up as the Master radio and the Jumper T16 as the Slave radio and bench testing suggests it all works as should be.

      So Dave, next time you are venturing down to the field just let me know before hand & I will bring the trainer along for you to try.

      Even added some “L” plates for you !!

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      Gee, nearly looks like a new one Mike. Good job.

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