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      WILD AN THEN SOME was what we sailed in at the REAL END  of the canal  Two and a half cream of the crop men sailed in gale force winds…….  (because we can  )  and loved it Who were the magnificent three  Big Bad Dave   Bull Dog Barrett any little ol me    But it was Dave who lasted the last hour as the 65’s just couldn’t take it  and his 95 was perfect plowing through the troughs an down wind pirouettes  was a joy to watch The big fella allowed bulldog and myself to sail his boat just to grasp the exuberance of a boat in mad mad conditions…… bulldog an I both lost our caps to the wind but to retrieve them with the boats was impossible so we had to wait for the wind and current to push them ashore  the big fellas 95 was balanced perfectly but some of the gusts were over the top   so if you were to close to shore  it made it interesting to get her around before the keel met the shore an that didn’t happen because were all top notch sailors  WHO DO NOT FEAR WIND RAIN AN CYCLISTS IN LEOTARDS     AT days end we retired to the BBQ area and indulged in the usual banter an tucka







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      Looks like a wild and woolly fun day was had by the crazy ones !!

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      Now that’s a title worth having ” the crazy ones ”  so if we are the crazy ones what title goes to the rest of the usual mob   I’m thinking of a female part starts with P    OR  a more reserved name  starts with   G

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