RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating at the canal 14th Jan 23

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      Great weather, but a low tide at the canal today.

      Another good turnout from the “Marine Modellers” and I saw four yachties standing on the jetty.

      Video from today.

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      Still waiting for the best of the best CAPT PETE to come back from holidays ?  other than that just another day sailing  our newest member now has an official nick name CAPT PUGWASH  =DENNIS   CAPT pugwash is a plump short wobbly dear ol thing  so this title suits our new member to a tee  The sinker once again came to our pontoon to try to get a sail in but as usual he isn’t qualified as yet to sail a 95 or a 65  to our high standards  so he left with naughty words under his breath  tusk tusk   all up a fair day for sailing

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