RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating at the Canal, 2nd April

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      Another day, Another video. (In 4k)

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      SCOTTY  WITH HIS BOAT…. I NAMED THE TWO OCCUPANTS AS SCOTTY  because it looks like him and the other UNCLE G  although it was a girl doll  UNCLE G  is like a woman  so it suited  an again the  inference  that I was there  alone on our sunny end of the canal is again incorrect in fact 10 people/sailors  were in the end enjoying the perfect sunny day   (at least it was on our end ) sailing their hearts out  FALSE NEWS AGAIN FROM THE SINKER    I did enjoy the video ………….. who filmed it

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      Kermit the camera doesn’t lie, and that couldn’t have been me sitting next to Scotty in the boat, the doll had hair.

      Not sure who filmed it, but it wasn’t Scotty!

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      ok I will give you that one

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