RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating at the canal 7th Jan 23

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      Again, a near perfect day for playing with toy boats, warm, high tide, gentle breezes

      A good turn out from the Marine Modellers, plus a couple of yachties at the jetty.

      One of the 95’s got its rigging stuck on the “Rons Reef” sign (which was put there by Kermit) luckily Scotty had his rescue – work boat at hand and managed to free the stricken yacht.

      This proved difficult as there was a lot of weed around in the shallows of the reef and kept wrapping around his prop.

      Video from today,

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      BEAUTIFUL SAILING WEATHER  FOR THE FLOATERS GROUP  the only down side was the tide  which caught some skippers  as to where the edge was  but it was fine they found it ………often    Fruit loops from the nice mob down the other end  decided to help with the rescue of Dennis’ s  95 stuck on  RONS REEF sign  well that was nice of him but after he did the deed he demanded compensation ie SALVAGE RIGHTS  Owing to Lauderdale canal { Right of passage ) title  1888  clause 32  page 114  it states No sailing vessel shall pay for unsolicited salvage /help: unless previously arranged  END   There will be no compensation paid  A sour taste  from fruity  at the start of a new year  Never the less the floaters will sail past this incident as if it never happened and will continue to a friendly superior sailing group to the wheel chair Mob

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        At least you had something exciting to video this week Kermit.

        Maybe you should put some of your skippers though your “Top Gun Sailing School” navigation course?

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      DEAR MR SINKER May I first say how nice your video from todays putt putting  was ……secondly  Dennis  is a newbie  and as yet not quite with it  so until he gets to know the low level tide mark I think its fair that he test the edge a few more times  why I can remember when top gun flight school took a young fresh faced newbie under its wings and produced an ace an we call him the SINKER  So a few more sails an he will  be fine…. PS .. CAPTAIN PETE  where  is he  so sadly missed from the pontoon and the floaters group A few of the female goggers have inquired as to his where a bouts as well

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