RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating @ the Canal 14th Nov 2020

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      Another near perfect day for boating at the Canal!

      A good turn out for the scale boats, but looked a bit quite up at the jetty?

      Managed to get the zipper undone on the camera bag.

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      Well uncle G

      A very nice video even if I say so myself a much better effort than some I could mention they mainly hang out in puddles or ponds.

      And they wear green waistcoats

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        Nice to see you are looking after the promotion of the other end Mr Kermit. Well done also.

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        MY FAVOURITE  WAS THE SUB  FANTASTIC  ONE DAY YOU MUST GET THE WHEEL CHAIR MOB TO DO A SAIL PAST ALL OF EM  with out the wheel chairs    ha ha ha     loved the vid well done white stick

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          It’s equipped with “GREEN” seeking torpedoes!

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          ho ho ho     to send the  torpedoes  press the button with a white cane  …. cant be done they cant get out of their wheel chairs

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          Sounds a lot like this old bloke stuck in his chair?

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        Well… I turned the mute button to on cause I knew there would be god dam music and then…. music subtitles… just had to switch off  and I was really really really enjoying watching Moose hoping he would fall in oh well sh#t happens

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      Another quality production there Uncle G.

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      Nice video Uncle G except for…….. 🥂🎼🎵🎶🎵🎤🎷🎸🎺🎹🎻🥁🪕🎶🎙🎼🎛🎤🎧🎺🎸🎹 🙂🙃

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