RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating @ the Canal 21st Jan 2023

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      A little video from today,

      As I didn’t get any birthday cake yesterday I boycotted the jetty.

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        TWAS A SLOW DAY FOR US AT THE SUNNY END  with only three sailing an a woddle in by fruit loops wanting to sail with the resident  class sailors  I didn’t film very much as I was on the phone with our flying god IAN   and his son for quite a while  SO TODAY  buggar all  as for my birthday cake  the cake was consumed as soon as it was presented at the field  its not my fault the sinker missed out to be fair it wasn’t all that nice ……………………………………….bull crap it was fantastic  soooo yummie  melted in your mouth

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      well done on your video MR SINKER  good stuff

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        Thank you, Mr. Frog.

        Have you been giving “Fruit Loops” some lessons? did you see how many times he ran into me today.

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      Yep doesnt  he like you  did you know he put my boat onto the far bank as I was filming  talented  fella One of our mob has offered to buy a plastic boat sit in  for retreaveral ( capt pugwash ) nice ay


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      Peak sailing season here in Philippines with regular 30kt trade winds. I swam at a nuclear power station!



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      hoppy went on further to say that his house doesn’t need power any more ………he is it

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