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      I am often asked what size bearings are required for the 65 & 95 RC yachts so as I am replacing mine I thought it prudent to post the info here


      DragonForce 65 – Boom Vang bearings (2 off)

      ID = 5mm

      OD = 8mm

      Width = 2.5mm

      Ceramic Link –

      Stainless Link –


      DragonFlite 95  -Boom Vang Bearings (2 off)

      ID = 6mm

      OD = 10mm

      Width = 3mm

      Ceramic Link –

      Stainless Link –

      You can use Stainless Steel – (around $6.00 each) – Stainless case & bearings but the carbon steel seal will still rust eventually,

      or you can use Ceramic – (around $15.00 each)

      Ceramic are Stainless case with Ceramic balls & a neoprene & Stainless seal. these should never rust but they are dearer.

      Either is available on line from Plaig Bearings Web Address PLAIG.COM.AU or use the direct links above.

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      Thanks Mike for moving this “how to” from the old site.  Pink Bits is in need of new bearings – the version 6 bearings don’t like salt water any more than the V5

      ones. Gotta remember that the Canal is salty!! Are the lubricants effective in protecting the bearings?

      I gave the bearings a spray of Innox before the sailing yesterday so that the boom would swing in the anticipated light winds.

      Ordered some bearings for my 95 as well.

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        Pete, I generally fill the void in the boom vang (between the bearings) with marine grease to keep the water out as once it gets inside there it tends to stay and corrode the bearings from the inside. As for the outside, a good rinse in fresh water after EVERY sail in salt water and a drop of very light (sewing machine) oil to top and bottom bearing should keep the corrosion away.

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      Thanks Mike.

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      The bearings arrived today. Two days from ordering to delivery – not bad in mid December!!

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        Good stuff Pete, I have always found Plaig Bearings staff to be most helpful & a pleasure to deal with. Every time I have ordered their delivery service has been second to none but to still get that prompt delivery this close to Christmas is excellent.

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