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      TO  THE SEA in rain in snow in blizzards we  the floaters go …… for we are men REAL MEN who laugh at the cold  HA !  to sail the canal where others fear to go  soooooo what happened to the wheel chair mob  no one there ….hallooow   once again  the only ones that deserve the canal  are the floaters  we sail in all weather  because were tough as nails  No wussie heaters No huddling together  just…. into it , as we are sympathetic to the aged group down in the shade end come up to the floating pontoon and play with your putt putts  with the real thing …floaters   an feel the breath of the morning breeze sailing through the gaps in the fencing  arhhhhhh refreshing  WHEEL CHAIR access is available along with pay as you go guide dogs

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      Nice video Kermit, no seagulls or ducks, just great sailing by the three mad sailors.

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        ok UNCLE G YOU ACKNOWLEDGE my video as  perfect I’m wondering did you know we spotted you spying on us on the other bank as shown in the video  an one last thing  why are you being so nice to us ?

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      After careful  consideration the Moose has awarded best sailing video for today to Kermit la Fog.

      Oh! should have paid more attention it was the only video

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