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      WELL WE DID IT THREE SAILED THE CANAL TODAY  light cold foggy wind was what we had we also had humor a vital commodity for this unholy day no BBQ because no one an I mean no one was gunna get outa there car to fire it up  fog rolled in fog rolled out an when it started to roll back in we did the opposite home sweet home  IT might seem a bit harsh with the description I gave but the ducks had socks on the seagulls were wearing thermo gear   we had a fisherman turn up he didn’t cast a line the fish jumped out into his bag just to get warm  I kid you not  PETE /BULLDOG (RON B ) AN ME  we sailed the canal for as long as we could but it was rough  but these two are the roughest around so I just had to stay other wise they would have called me a woose  for sure  you people that stayed away ….wise move … BUT  it was till good to be there ..dumb but fun






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      Ah well at least you tried. I would have been there enjoying it all (including the BBQ) with you but I had to stay home & finish designing & 3d printing the bits for your Thruster so Graham can get you off his back.

      Then I had a Birthday lunch to attend & spent the rest of the afternoon washing & grooming the Great White Ghost

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      Dare I say it – there is quite a bit of truth in Kermit’s report.  Plenty of room in the car park, and a reasonably gentle sail in what at times were very cool conditions.

      The ramp leading on to the pontoon was super slippery. We will need to take care for the rest of winter.

      Nice of Gerald and Phil to drop in and say hi, and to check on Kermit’s latest tuning techniques.

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        how the hell did that happen

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      what a life …..thanks for the fix pred.

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      Well Kermit I thought it was about time I showed my support for you

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      HA HA little moose  it was a good move on your part not to sail couse fair dinkim  it was a bad day for it  no rain just unpleasant   we were all ruged up but still it got through wouldna done your toes any good

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      gezzz moose your getting very good at this

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