RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Brief fly at the New field on 12th June 2020

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      Here is my keychain cam footage from the XK X450 VTOL.



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      That’s a different view on things.

      P.S. Your link didn’t work, use this one,

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      And here is the Esky Eagles maiden. Uncle G I just ordered a ZohD Drift PNP today. See which arrives first. I had a 15 % discount code. nb it has XT30 connector in case you need an adaptor.



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        That was quick, where from, Banggood?

        Yeah, I knew about the XT30 plug, was going to use the batteries out of the X450

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          Flys nicely

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          Yes I ordered the Drift from Banggood.

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          TOP NOTCH  SMOOTH EASY TO WATCH  loved it

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      Great stuff Hoppy like the rear view

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        Loved the angles HOPPY     disliked the speed I just couldn’t focus….. it was for me just a blur which is a shame

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        YEP I sorta thought ol Moose would like the rear view ….oh well

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      Looks like a reasonable turn up for a cold and miserable day.

      Something a bit different to look at video wise anyway.

      Hope the weather improves next week.

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        Not much flying, Rick had his big chopper up for a flight, Mr President had a short flight or two and Chris had a couple of flghts we were only there for around an hour or so due to light rain and cold so you didn’t miss much..

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