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      After seeing the excellent catapult launcher used by Wayne & Andrew for launching their flying wings over recent weeks I thought that a similar system may work for the little Mugi Evo Delta Wing.

      Had a bit of spare time today so thought I would try my hand at constructing a Bungee (Catapult) Launcher for it.

      Built the Mugi Evo last flying season but as I am still learning to fly have not attempted with the Mugi as yet.

      Murz has had it up for a couple of flights and it seems to fly reasonably well (if a bit lively) for a first attempt at scratch building but launching has always been a bit of a worry. Hopefully the new launcher will solve the takeoff issues.

      The frame is constructed from 15mm PVC waterpipe and a couple of elbows & tee joints, the tees have been drilled out slightly to allow them to slide on the feet to adjust the rail spacing if required.

      The foot pedal is constructed from 9mm exterior ply with a 3/8 bolt (cut off) for the catch pin and an offcut of 15mm pipe and a couple of cable ties for the hinge.

      Power is supplied via a 10m length of 6mm surgical silicone tube with 140kg nylon utility cord attachments.

      In hindsight I could have bought a ready made version from our friends at HK for around the same price as the material to build (plus HK postage of course) but where is the fun in that.

      Should get a tryout either tomorrow or Saturday along with a couple of new motorised gliders that Bad Angel & Feed Back have just taken delivery of.

      Just need to make some spikes to anchor the lot to the ground with and all should be ready to go.

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