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      TODAY AT THE CANAL was as always perfect  sunshine light winds more light winds from predator  joined by infrequent puffs from bulldog  whos BULLDOG  that friends is RON B   MR mud flats has retired from the shore line so the name mudflats is no longer required  so we go back to his nick name from childhood  BULLDOG this name was given because of his lusting of the opposite sex   (female )   ” for the slow learners  ” once secured the only thing to separate him  was cold water nothing much has changed  just warmer water   sooo ol bull dog kept to his nick name with aggressive sailing and bite size bumps to anyone silly enough to get in front of him  “just fun” as we all did it to pink bits  when we caught him  once again we had the honour to have tony sailing with us again  (will he ever learn ) and a special guest  top gun  UNCLE G  came to play with the best on the canal   as his mob  are so old they couldn’t find the water an went home  Predator did his thing with electronics for those that needed help   and put his boat into the water and attempted to sail it an he did try it was obvious   the boy needs help   i could offer  but after last Tuesday at the pond I’m still not talking to him    SO AT 12  off we went to the BBQ  an LORDY LORD  WHO WAS THERE BUT THE MISSING MOOOSE  sitting at the park bench with his walking stick   patiently waiting for us  as he had spotted us we couldn’t walk backwards  so  a BBQ we had   AN for those that didn’t sail with us today  may your winches burn in hell    ps put a name to the butts an win a prize




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      Thanks for the report & pics Kermit.

      Yes, certainly was another fine day of sailing @ the canal enjoyed by all it seems.

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      Another great day of sailing the Canal.  Thanks for the photos and report Kermit – at least the photos are accurate!!


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