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      It was cold & it was overcast but the water was like a millpond when 4 of us ventured out for a sail today @ The Canal Lauderdale.

      Chris (Hoppy) had his Compass (RG65), Kermit was there with his Phantom, RonB had his DF65 & I had the DF65 “Illusion” that was mainly sailed by Hoppy after his Compass rudder started playing up.

      I had the Rescue 17 (RC Fire Boat) out to shoot some on water video of the yachting action (or was that inaction) & Hoppy had his Mavic Mini Drone out for some aerial footage along with providing some wind to get the yachts moving.

      Uncle G wandered along to see what we were up to & Bad Angel dropped in just in time for a BBQ lunch with the rest of us early in the afternoon.

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      From Hoppy

      Mavic mini footage of the yachts today.

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      Nice job Chris

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      MY TURN


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        Geez Froggy I really missed the music.. 😎

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        Just not right without music.

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          Uncle G, don’t encourage the boy to your dark side please or I may have to blow you up as well.. You have been warned.. BA has spoken for and on and behalf of our dearest and greatest best looking most intelligent President for and after life as we know it so your comment requires caution or I’ll dob you in to the most wise one. Sigh! I love my job in this club as the chief dickhead dobber…

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      At least my vid has music.

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          Good then I won’t have to watch had to stop watching Hoppys video 4 seconds in suffering sore video music ear syndrome, runs in my family you know.. 😎

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        yes hoppy and better content

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