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      UP until 12 almost perfect  sailing weather when the wind dropped off someone got the moose yackin  that was enough to fill the sails again   bulldog had issues  with electronics  so was out for the count  but still played  as for the rest of us we sailed on with the occasional visit from UNCLE G  with his camera boat  to get video of real boats to show the oldies at the other end of the canal   (if they could get their   mobile wheel chairs up to us  we would let them play if they could prove they could hold the transmitter box )  the day was terminated at 12 with a wee bit of rain   but still the hardy sailing crew went to the BBQ area  for din dins  but it was to rough even for the seagulls  so down to the flying field we went and had our din dins at the club house were story’s of the past were told  and scoffed at  (mostly at the moose )   so from the mighty canal to the field  twas a fantastic  day







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        First propper outing for the phoenix apparently it was not welcome down there haha

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        Got some nice pics there Kermit but where is your deckcam footage?

        Here is a bit of video from this morning

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        Sooo much nicer to watch video than looking at photos  as for the deck cam No go i’m afraid the jib boom comes Into the frame by half and the Deck rises between the two whats left is not worth looking at when she goes to starboard the jib covers the whole screen with no sea visible  real bummer  as for capt’n pugwash   the orange boat that viciously  rammed into you  was the Moose   his eye sight is failing  his antlers are porous his legs are wobbly   but if you pat him he comes docile almost to the stage you can talk to him  so capt’ give the poor ol mooose a bit of slack if you could  WE ALL DO  bless him  well done on the video predator

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          Well that is a bummer about your camera footage, would it work any better if you faced it to the stern rather than the bow?

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        The view from the water.

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          Another fine production there Uncle G

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        BRILLIANT  THANK YOU UNCLE G   I take it that your going to use this video for training purpose down your end   ( to show what real sailing is about  ) I noticed that no “wheel chairs ” sand to soft ?    GOOD LOOKIN boats  from your lot   the submarine is my favourite I might build one  /  next project   thanks again

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