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      WHAT A BUNCH OF PUSSY’S  IS THE WORDS HEARD TODAY AT THE BEAUTIFUL sunny fair breeze day  at the canal   we four sailors had a absolute god send sail Sunny I kid you not  just look at the sun shadow on petes and bulldogs shadow   sometimes wind gushes ( nothing experienced sailors like this can’t handle)  would erupt  but mostly mild wind ….Bulldog Barrett was in fine form racing to the  girl at the end of the canal with pirate pete hot on his heals    ducks were a plenty so we played with them too THE GLARE FROM THE SUN SOAKED WATER was often a hindrance when chasing the ducks but pete got one right up the clacker of one  an by god he quacked of quick  soooo funny  my apologies to the young fella who sails with us sometimes I forgot his name BAD KERMIT  anyway he had his nice big boatie thing out didn’t sail long as it required some sail work but still he was out there sailing with the real men……. unlike some …an you know who you are an so do we ” pussies ”   OH AN by the way the mooooose was spot’d down there behind a tree checkin us out to afraid to come out from hiding  but we saw you







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      Accurate report and great photos – thanks Kermit.

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      I was there with the oldies down the other end, must say one of the best days we’ve had for awhile.

      Kermit was correct (for once), nice steady light breeze, sunshine and also the best high tide that we have had for awhile.

      We had a great turnout of scale boats down our end. (no softies)


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      Thank you UNCLE G AND PETE   ” accurate report ”     ” kermit was correct  ” WHAT THE HELL  how did i stuff that lot up

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