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      TWAS  COLD   “FREEZE THE KNOB OFF A BRASS  DOOR KNOB ” IT WAS SO COLD our beloved Moooose didn’t remove his trousers all day   ( a blessing to the cold  )   at half past 9 the high winds didn’t appear so we arrived at the canal  to  moderate to light winds  up until 12  when we abandoned the Jetty for the BBQ area  once there a tarpaulin was erected thus keeping all of us  old geriatrics cosy  and so the fibs the darn outright lies and the sort of truth was told by one an all  the obligatory perving once again was put into practice lead this time by bad angel  whose low ohhhhh’ s  were audible   to the female subjects ( he thought he was quite but he didn’t have his hearing aids in )    A new flying area was discussed and a few of the fellas were going to check out a few of the options  others will be chased up  Ron B had a good sail  no groundings no electrical problems  Pete  (ol pinki )   had a good sail as well   ….very pleasant  FOR A COLD DAY it worked out well    ps  where were the other lot from the other end ?






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      Great photos Kermit.  It certainly was cool standing on the pontoon.

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      Definitely got some good pics there Kermit and yes the wind wasn’t as strong as predicted but it sure did have a chill to it.

      Moose’s idea with the tarp around the BBQ area worked a treat so lunch was a quite cosy affair and no doubt enjoyed by all.

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