RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Cardboard Spitfire


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      The good thing about bad weather on the weekend is you get time learn and practice doing a bit of airbrushing.

      Check out the progress of the cardboard spitfire.  I didn’t realise how hard it is to paint cardboard. I think now I should have sealed the cardboard before attempting this but all part of the journey 🙂

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      Hi Ron looking great

      I usually give every thing 2 coats of cabots clear polyurethane sanding in between coats

      You could still use that idea as it would seal the  green as well as the cardboard

      When finished give 2 light coats of poly and you should have a nice paint job

      When you are getting close to finishing a project along comes the smarties with all the solutions

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      That looks pretty good even so.

      Time to build some more.

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      Looking good Ron, it will appear to be perfect in the air.

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      Thanks everyone for the comments.  Good point Predator, I can’t wait to fly it again to see what it looks like in the air 🙂

      That is a great solution regarding the clear polyurethane Moose.

      I also noticed that the blue over green changed colour and I was wondering how to get around that?

      Maybe a layer of white and then the blue?

      I sort of cheated with the circles and used a template.  I didn’t think my hand would be steady or accurate enought to paint a circle.  The blue and red colour was vibrant on the white template.

      I sort of wish I had done art in school now 🙁

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        You will usually find colours are much more vibrant over a light coloured primer, either white or light grey usually work best.

        Polyurethane over the cardboard first should seal it OK, also a thin coat of bondcrete works well (and is far cheaper) to seal cardboard, timber, foam etc.

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      Any body a  (SHOE) rubber thong  I need to make a  bow bumper for my yacht …TA

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        I have one here that I used a bit of for the bumper on the Ragazza during the IOM conversion.

        From memory the pair of thongs (flip-flop type) cost a whole $2.00 at Big W so it’s probably cheaper to buy a pair than drive out here to pick it up.

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          THANKS PRED I’m in no rush  painting keel and rudder flat black at the moment

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