RC BOATING YACHTING DF65’s & DF95’s Tips, Tricks and Settings Clarification on Repairs to DF Hulls


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      So, it seems that there has been some confusion on the issue of repairing DF hulls that have broken and how that repair might affect the use of that repaired hull in another event in the future. Rather than have a million opinions on it and have everyone’s blood pressure rise unnecessarily we’ve had a chat to the DF Rules committee as it is currently and they have issued the following Rule interpretation for everyone to digest. The interpretation will also apply to the DF65 rules and more definition of what constitutes a legal repair will be detailed in upcoming rule revisions.

      I don’t need to say any more than this, the rules committee statement below speaks for itself.

      ” The DF Rules committee have been made aware of a published interpretation by the American DF95 Executive of Rule A.7 ‘Repairs’ in the current DF95 Class Rules (Version 1.2). Their interpretation was never presented to the rules committee and does not reflect the original intention of the rule.

      It is evident that in a minority of hulls there is an issue of cracking around the keel box, this is most likely due to inertia of the keel bulb during a collision or rough handling of the boat. In some instances it may be due to variations during the manufacturing process resulting in a thinner skin in this area. Rule A.7 allows for repairs to be made “provided they are not intended to enhance the original function or performance of the damaged items”. The Rules Committee and the rules author consider that a localised, internal repair around the base of the keel box is acceptable and will not enhance performance or change the original function of the hull. However, if the repair extends beyond this area or introduces additional structure, such as stiffening ribs or bulkheads, then it would clearly be a breach of rules A.5, A.6 & A.7.

      Joysway have made several modifications to the moulding process to try and rectify this issue and are working with the designers on new ways to overcome this issue. In the next versions of the class rules, which will be published shortly, we will try to clarify the extent of what is considered a legitimate repair to the keel box area and there will be no time limit placed on the life of such a repair. In most class rules repairs are allowed, the DF classes should be no different provided they comply with any definitions in the class rules. Replacement hulls are available at a very reasonable cost but we feel that an owner should have the option to undertake a class legal repair and continue sailing their boat.

      John Tushingham
      28 May 2021
      On behalf of the Rules Committee.”


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      So Admiral, no stickers on the outside of the hull over the keelbox eh?

      I think “minority of hulls” is a gross understatement as virtually ALL hulls succumb to keelbox cracking eventually.

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        Ahem ….. in an ARYA sanctioned event, no.
        in response to premature keel box failure when not in an ARYA event …. yes.
        I too think ‘minority’ might be a fairly substantial understatement.

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      Now ifin a fella sails at the pond an he fix’s a problem  with his boat as an average joe blow would and can do  who the hell cares  like your sailing for fun …yes  standard rules apply  I guess but seriously are you so worried that a repair would give a fella an advantage here’s where you start to lose touch with reality an the real idea of pleasure is lost if people wish to go into competition an do the rule stuff  ok  but if your in it for fun  what’s it matter how you fix your boat  this letter is NOT addressed to you oh mighty admiral  just as a  general inquiry

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