RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Forcett Lakes Sailing @ Forcett Lakes 2022 Classic IOM Day @ Forcett Lakes

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      A perfect spring day to bring out the old IOM’s,

      Light breezes with plenty of sunshine and good racing

      Here is a couple of videos from today,

      From the shore,

      And onboard “Sinker 2”

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      Awesome work there Sinker!! Fantastic day too. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ»

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        It was a great day, Good to see the old boats out in such numbers.

        Well done to Peter Webberley on setting it all up, and also winning the regatta.

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      God damn MR Sinker it musta been cold down there all I could hear was all the ol fellas teeth chatteringĀ  Ā ………well done nice videosĀ  your starting to get good at this ay

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        No, Kermit not cold at all. It was a beautiful balmy spring day down at sunny Forcett Lakes.

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      I have just finished watching the video by boatĀ  sooooo cool an the best part was you didnt have a go at sinking any of themĀ  which makes me think your a changed boyĀ  so I recon you might like to put your toe in up at the sunny end of the canal just to see if you can resist havin a go at usĀ  Ā all in all brilliant video……………………. ( god I hate sayn that )

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        Who is this using Kermit’s name?

        The real Kermit would never say nice things about me or my video’s.

        P.S. I did try to sink a couple of them, just edited that bit out.

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      I knew it wouldnt lastĀ  ……just knew it …its best then that you stay down with the old fokes at the wheel chair mob site you can still sneak up to our end to do real sailingĀ  we have sorta excepted this as the norm from you …………………….. to the real videographersĀ  I apologizeĀ  I praised the sinker on his effort at making videos only because he has been really trying of late an a bit of praise wouldnt hurt an a bit is all he got …………..OK šŸ‘

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      A couple of fine videos Mr Sinker, especially onboard Sinker 2. Those few extra added bits make it even more realistic.

      Love the video from the 360 cam.

      I have been a finger press away from buying one several times in the past but there are so many to chose from and the results from a few of them leave a lot to be desired. I guess these days its all down to what video editor you use with them.

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        The one I got is the Insta360 X2. The main reasons are size and it’s waterproof to 10 metres.

        I didn’t have it mounted correctly on Saturday, just a temporary mount. I also had the seam line in the wrong position.

        As for the video editor, you have to use theirs, it’s the only one that can read the files. but it seems pretty good and easy to use,


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          I think Insta 360 was one I looked at originally, I guess the x2 is a newer version so Iā€™ll have another look.

          Im guessing when set up correctly it negates the need for a pan camera. Be good on the yachts.

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            Yes, it’s the newer version, I was going to try it on the yacht (and other things)

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      Some more video, this time all from the Insta360 X2 camera,


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      This is a short 360 Deg. video, use the arrow keys to look around. (Top Left)

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        Actually it’s easier to use the mouse, scroll wheel controls zoom and hold the left mouse button down and then move the mouse to pan Left Right and Up down.

        Works very well, just need your camera up above the cabin roof to get a better view.

        I found when editing mine if you reduce the viewing angle to less than 45degrees (to zoom in) it starts to look a bit ordinary but between 90 & 45/50 it zooms & still looks fine.

        I guess a bit more playing is in order.

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          What I’ve read for the best results is to export the video clips at 4k at 200mbps bitrate and use H.265 encoding, then post them on YouTube at 4k.

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            My old video editor would only do H264 (unless I paid more money to unlock it) but the new one I got today works fine in H264 and H265 so Iā€™ll try it out once I get some more footage without the raindrops.

            The first vid from Saturday is 4K Ā , the second one where I was playing with the new editor is only 1080.

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      Your video works well on a mobile phone as well, just move the phone (or use your finger on the screen) to pan about however you need to view it on YouTube as it wonā€™t work on our website on the phone

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        I haven’t tried that one yet. I was surprised it worked on the website with the PC, I thought you would have to view it on YouTube.

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