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      MY GOD WHAT A CROWD at the canal today  far to many so we sent them away   they just arrived  played  got rough so predator told em to BUGGER OFF   all fixed  fantastic day …..all winds today   mostly moderate to light  no power boats just pure bliss  we had a few incidents to day who doesn’t  but lets start with our own mudflats  RON B  today he excelled all previous mudflat landings with some classic beaching’s  worthy of a special section all of his own……. both sides of the canal got a rub of his bottom and nearly had his torso as well  predator also had a connection with the incrustations with several arrivals of  his 65  ILLUSION  but was worth it just to watch his skill in the art of 65 tossing Truly a long standing master of this art. Mr mudflats lost a section of his retrieval pole so  Predator and I captured it and sailed back to the floating pontoon  (nothing we talented RC sailors cant do ) Bets are  back  on for the next appearance of the Mooooose it must be rutting time in Canada haven’t heard a Moooo from him for yonks  at least the canal sides are not eroding “in fact it “was noted that his landing spots have improved  and have started to regenerate    We had a cormoron darting underwater for whitebait near the pontoon  “so fast”  also on the pontoon we had Ian who sailed a bit and joined us for the  BBQ  and that dear readers was our day without you  




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      Yet another classically fine report there Mr Frog, and great pics to boot. Well done as always.

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      NICE TO BE APPRECIATED BY THE BEST NAH THE WORLDS TOP CAMERA MAN  and of cause your absolutely right brilliant pictures  Nobel literature writing  and I’m modest to

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