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      Today was the first IOM Woody Regatta held at Forcett Lakes.

      Weather was a bit damp with light drizzle for most of the day, but that didn’t put off the 10 skippers racing their beautiful varnished yachts.

      The winds were nice steady light southeaster.

      And of course a barbecue to finish it off.

      Looking forward to watching Kermits video at the canal?

      Video’s from today,

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      WELL MR SINKER Im happy to post our sailing video titled  “KERMITS DAY ” with a crew of 7 only today myself MR MOOSE  CAPT PETE . DAVE X2  BODGE an SHEEP We sailed through the rain /showers  /high winds . WHY  you might be asking  it is because we love our canal sailing . We didnt have our usual BBQ   simply because that area was under water  The ducks as you can see are on the road because the water was sooo rough  they just couldnt paddle against it  with a few mishaps the morning  was interesting  IN the video you can see capt PETE hitting the “china man” midships after that we called him SINKER 2 AFTER YOU uncle G  Bodge an SHEEP as you would have noticed had a tussell with the hard several times but managed  to get away with out mishap  ALL in all alot of fun but serious cold ……… Enjoy our video  sinker

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        Sorry Kermit, but I’m having trouble viewing your video.

        Where’s the link?

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      yes I noticed the video didnt go up  its there but not showing I will see if I can get predator to find it an reinstall sorry

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      yes I must agree with Kermit it was pretty rough sailing on Saturday but we toughed it out like true blue sailors

      I saw the video on Saturday night you must have been a sleep uncle G. I thought it was the wind but after thinking about it ,it did sound like snoring

      here is the link so you to can see how rough and rugged the canal sailors are

      Http/wesailcanalrough no matter weather //…

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        Mr. Moose, I think you have been hanging around with the frog a bit too much.

        And as I have posted the only sailing video’s do I win the GMA?

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      I dont see how you can claim the GMA    my video is still out there  just settle down cobber  as for the pesky fur coat   He hasnt been hanging around   I dont even know the fella

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